'God Is Integrating Prophetic Stream' Dr Cheryl Ann Needham

In times like these, many Believers question which prophetic sound to follow. Praise God, we have entered a new season of God weaving together the prophetic streams.

A few weeks ago, I saw in the Spirit a paper weave, the kind I did in grade school where strips of different colored construction paper were woven together.

Each color of construction paper represented a different prophetic stream. Since every color has its own unique frequency and sound, so do each of the prophetic streams.

Some sounds call for preparation, course correction, and even warnings of what comes ahead (the warning stream). While other sounds contain the goodness of God, the overcoming power of Christ within us, and His tenderness and mercy (God’s goodness stream).

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In this new season of prophetic weaving, at times one prophetic revelation will be the high note on top, while at other times the prophetic revelation will be the low note on the bottom. The key to remember is that:


The beauty is in the overlapping sounds. In the past, these distinct prophetic sounds (goodness and warning) grew up independently. The Lord explained that this was to mature each stream’s revelation as well as to mature those who carried the revelation.

Now, the two prophetic sounds of goodness and warning are being woven together in a pattern that contains the full counsel of God’s Spirit!!!

He continued, “There is no one right answer regarding the times. There is not one solution. There is not one prophecy. Rather, this is a new season where the prophets are dependent on one another to bring for the complimentary prophetic sounds so that the full harmony can be released."


"How truly wonderful and delightful to see brothers and sisters

living together in sweet unity." (Ps. 133:3)


Cheryl Ann Needham

Contact: beloved.cherylann@gmail.com

Dr. Cheryl-Ann Needham is a speaker, prophetic and leadership advisor, and author of Sound Alignment 2.0. She is founder of Be the Remnant, a ministry dedicated to preparing the Bride to walk in boldness and power for the return of Christ. She and her husband, Dr. Robert Needham are founders of Steward NOW, an organization that develops global leaders to execute their Kingdom Mandates.

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