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'God Doesn't Have a Budget ' Kathie Walters

GOD DOESN'T HAVE A BUDGET Sometimes people (duckies) send me expensive presents, because they have money. i feel spoiled but God is an extravagant giver so i am extravagant giver too. Someone rebuked me for having a beautiful red leather (very soft calfskin ) coat. it cost about $2000 i put it on fb to see who liked it because God told me to bless someone with it. i was looking for someone who really liked it because i’m not a leather person  Anyway I got rebuked for even having it.

well i have mink jackets and antique gold jewelry etc , all kinds of great stuff and i am grateful as I love it .

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People have a notion that if you buy something expensive you shouldn’t, because you could have gotten something cheaper and sent money to a missionary God is not sitting in heaven working out how to work out His budget !!!!!

GOD DOESN'T HAVE A BUDGET “He gives to all men liberally “ Get these religious ideas out of your head it will keep you in poverty and you won’t receive all that God has for you .. God moves in your faith i give give all day long -

please stop the nonsense .

I love my duckies - quack that’s my rant for the day

now i’m going to see some waterfalls in the mountains luv Kathie



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