'Get Ready For The Next Assignment!' Dr Candice Smithyman

Friends, a tipping point is taking place! God spoke to me today and said, “Hezekiah warning.” In 2 Kings 19, King Hezekiah was being pursued by the King of Assyria.

Hezekiah was scared and went to the Lord saying, “I need Your help here. What are You going to do?” God said, “Listen: I’m going to take care of this for My name’s sake and the sake of My servant David.” Then God dispatched His angels and they took out the whole Assyrian army – 185,000 enemies! God is dispatching angels on your behalf today.

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I also saw a bowl with oil pouring down from heaven on all God’s people. This oil, a consecration oil, is setting you apart for a time of consecration. God is getting you ready for next-level assignments! On Sept 29th at sundown, the Jewish calendar turns over and they begin the ten Days of Awe.

This is a time of purification and consecration. In conjunction with the Jewish calendar, God is setting you up for your next-level assignments. He will meet your needs, handle your problems, and resolve your issues. God showed me that some of you are trying to hold onto things that you need to turn over to Him.

Give everything over to the Lord. Place it in His hands. Stop trying to fix things yourself. He does a much better job of fixing than we can do on our own.

Once you give things over to the Lord today, leave them with Him and watch Him do double. God hears your prayers!

They have gone up to heaven as incense and are now being lit with His holy fire. In Revelation 8, we see these prayers are hurled back down to the earth for change to take place. Your change is coming.

Set apart some time for consecration.

Consecrate your life! You are moving into your destiny. God has great things in store for you… and it begins today! 

Dr. Candice Smithyman

Contact: pastorcandice@freedomdestiny.org



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