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From My Heart Kings And Kingdoms Ben Peters Update on Broadcast

God is on the move, stirring hearts and drawing His people into a more intimate relationship, where they can hear His voice more clearly. It’s not optional for the days ahead – it’s a total necessity. We just finished an emphasis on mothers and God reminded us of the incredible sacrifices they make just to get us to the place where we can stand on our own two feet, in more ways than one. But now, as Father’s Day approaches, we turn our attention to the way that our sick society is debasing the role of the Papa in the family.

We, as men, need to more clearly understand the importance of our role at home and in the culture. God wants us to rule with Him as kings under the King of kings, and to increase our sphere of influence, not for personal gain, but to have a bigger platform to bring truth and justice to our own little world and ultimately to influence society in general. We had a special book for the mothers, The Boaz Blessing, earlier this month, where we signed and added a short encouraging word to each book, and we sold out our supply in 3 days.

We also have a book for men called, Kings and Kingdoms, which should inspire men to rise up and become the natural and spiritual fathers that God has called them to be. I’m ordering a supply now, and wondering who might be interested. Will sign and add a word to each book. Printing and shipping take time, so I wanted to tell you about it asap. God bless you all!!!

Ben Peters Live on Chicago Faith Broadcasting


Message from Dr Theresa Phillips

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Unknown member
Jun 13, 2023

Looking forward to Brother Ben word & ministry tonight. God Blees you all and looking forward to seeing you on the broadcast

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