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'Follow The Arrow' Nancy Slocum

"FOLLOW THE ARROW" by Nancy Slocum


Yes, everything's coming up arrows to point the way for My people to follow Me and My instruction.

I have the way of eternal life for you to go. I am the Way, the truth, and the life. Follow Me! I am the straight and narrow way for you to follow. Don't look to the left or to the right, but keep your eyes on Me and align yourself with Me, where I am, and where I am leading you.

I have special assignments and special places where I am leading you, My people, and I am also taking you like arrows out of My divine quiver to aim and release you to hit the mark every time.

I am sending you into chartered and uncharted places for My glory to hit the bullseye of My deepest heart's desire which is saved souls! And I am shooting you out of My quiver to be a bright light in dark places where people have lost their way, jumped track, and strayed from My perfect plumbline of the Word of God.

Many have been deceived by listening to and following the wrong voices. That is why I am sending arrows to redirect and straighten out their course to follow Me, the good Shepherd, and not a false shepherd or false prophet or wolf in sheep's clothing.

Like My Word in 2 Kings 13:14-19, I'm highlighting the arrow and the need for you to take My Word like an arrow and strike the ground more than three times like King Jehoash did. Keep striking the ground with the arrow until you see the manifested victory in your life.


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In My Kingdom way there is no backing up or quitting, only going forward until you hit the mark.

Always remember I Am Immanuel, God with you always. I never leave nor forsake you. Greater is He, Christ Jesus, in you than he, the evil one and enemy of your soul, who is in the world and doing everything he can to get you off My straight and narrow God track.

Diligently follow the arrow of My perfect Word by faith and you will surely hit the mark consistently every time, because My Word never returns void whereto I sent it!

Follow My divine arrow. Stay in My Word. Abide in Christ. I am the Master Archer, Bow and Arrow Maker. Everywhere I aim and release My Word I always hit the mark and leave a perfect bullseye to show all people the right way to complete victory in Christ for My eternal glory.

I am the Lord God Almighty, the King of Glory, and the Lord of Hosts. The battle is Mine. The victory is mine and I am inviting and leading you to gather the spoils with Me in Christ! My Word is true and every promise is yes and amen!


Forever yours, The King of Glory

In the Father’s heart,

Nancy Slocum

Contact: joywriter777@gmail.com,

A pen in God’s hand giving Love a voice

You are blessed for God’s full intention over your life to be manifested!


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