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FIRST J6 CASE FILED AGAINST CAPITOL POLICE! Derrick Vargo Sues Thug Police Officer Who Pushed Him Off Ledge Trying to Kill Him!

Published January 3, 2024 by jan6

Four Trump supporters were killed on January 6, 2021, some by police action. Derrick Vargo is lucky he was not the fifth.

Vargo filed a lawsuit yesterday evening suing Capitol Police Officer Bryant Williams that Vargo says “tried to murder him on January 6th.” 

Viral video has shown that Vargo was viciously pushed off a 30 foot high ledge of the US Capitol by a DC police officer named Bryant Williams.

According to the freshly filed lawsuit:

“Officer Bryant Williams stuck his hand out and intentionally shoved Vargo off the ledge, sending him plummeting 30 feet to the ground. This was an objectively unreasonable use of deadly force, as any reasonable person would have understood that there were many alternatives to deadly force in that situation. For instance, since Vargo was clearly gripping on to the banister for dear life, it was obvious that at that moment he did not pose a threat. The officers could easily have let him descend or grab him and pull him over the banister to safety. Bryant Williams was not acting in self-defense or in the defense of anyone. His action was clearly malicious and an attempt to kill or seriously injure Vargo for no reason. After Vargo was shoved, one of the officers threw an American flag off the landing at the Trump supporters, spiking it victoriously as if the flag were a football and he had just scored a touchdown, and then made hand gestures taunting the Trump supporters, inviting the Trump supporters to climb up and come fight the police. As if to say, “come on up so we can do to the rest of you what we did to him.” This showed that the officers were acting maliciously and were not looking out for the safety of the people who came to visit the Capitol.”


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