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' Fire For The UK' Ayana Campbell

I'm going to bring a revival fire to the UK my waves of glory will sweep through the UK like a wildfire this wildfire will spread to some other nations too.

Those who believe in me and my word will greatly benefit from this revival it will truly be like no other my name will be glorified among the people of many nations and I will be their God and they will be my people.

Healing will take place and many people who didn't seek me before will find me and my son Jesus Christ and we will both be glorified among the people.

The spirit of prophecy will be released in abundance

.My militant sheep are asleep it's time to wake up it's time to watch out it's time to draw near to Me like never before.

* With everything that's happening in the UK the Lord gave me this word,revival will happen and the Lord will be glorified, I'm not exactly sure how the revival will look completely but it is coming*

Ayana Campbell


Live Broadcast Sept 22 @ 6 PM CDT


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