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'Faith Is Getting Connected To God's Will' Dr Theresa Phillips Prophecy And Encouragement! FAITH IS GETTING CONNECTED !

There comes a time when your faith is actually a decision. Faith in God is not about how badly you want or need something or someone. Faith is trusting God to give you what’s his best for you. In the last 3 years faith has been put to the test. Sold to the highest bidder. Degraded by those who left faith out of the equation. Yet, the Spirit of the Lord visits us with options. The gift of faith. The presence of faith. And peaceful faith. The choice is ours. Shall one continue to abuse one’s own measure with confusing faith with calamity? Has the love of God run cold because you feel God wasn’t listening? Perhaps one inquiring of our Lord has asked amiss? What would happen if we just petitioned to receive His Faith in us? Maturity requires patience and patience brings perfect peace. Still the longing of that one desire. That person. That object. Faith says nothing about it when one is annoyed. Ahh but faith is resilient It’s strong It’s believing God knows and remembering He the Almighty is long suffering. Still tears and self destruction play hard. That’s allowing faith to be hidden and gives Satan strength in the soul. Don’t let that happen! My dear friend, Ask it shall be given tho not the way and when we want. But, Ask! Love is not a carpet, it’s knowing God has been with you all along and, will never leave you. Faith cries out for the flesh. But, praying for His will to be shown you is a deep secret to faith. So what is faith? It’s knowing a God who cannot be controlled but will watch over us, in all circumstances. Faith lives deep within the heart of man and requires an opportunity to come forth. Faith trusts Jesus.

Knowing He is going to give you strength Hope love in all the right places. Faith, then gives you peace of mind and the soul starts respecting that you are fashioned in His image. Once that faith is there... it makes you strong! The tricks of the Kings enemy will flee and each one of us can Believe to Live in peace. No crutches for help … Just living trusting and being.. There you will find the mustard seed grow into the mighty and the good and your enemy will tumble and you will REIGN. This is the Kings Ambassador Dr Theresa Phillips


Monarchy of Heaven With Oil Combo


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