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'Even Lies Will Be Set Free' Lisa Enebeli

The women at our church have been doing a bible study by Kristi McClelland called Jesus and Women. It is a Middle Eastern view on how Jesus treated women, that we in the west are not privy too, because the culture is different. This study is digging deep in my soul, transforming my mind, healing my heart and literally causing tears to fall every week as I hear what these stories about these women Jesus interacted with really meant. Last night she spoke about the Woman at the Wall, it was the story of the woman who anointed Jesus feet with her tears and with an alabaster jar of oil, then dried them with her hair. Powerful truth in this story on so many levels, but the one theme she is bringing out is how Jesus took women’s shame and gave them honor. She calls it Generous Justice. It is life changing truth for me in ways I did not even realize I needed. All that to say this, shame hides in the inner crevices of our heart, soul, mind and comes out of our mouth. It would remain hidden if we did not speak it out, so last night, we were invited to be vulnerable and I shared something I am ashamed of. The ladies in my group were so gracious and kind, but this morning the Lord and I were discussing it again and the Holy Spirit said to me, “Lies are prisoners waiting to be set free, that is why they cry out so loudly.” I was stunned. I began to see these lies locked up inside of me that cry out through me wanting to know the truth, so they can go free. It was so clear to me. Lies are counterfeit truths and the Lord wants what I cry out about to be the indicator to me it is a place I am not free yet. This truth was so real to me, I stopped in my tracks and sat there stunned. Even the lies inside of me, are being wrecked by the Christ in Me who is the truth that is setting me free. My friends, the lies you believe are crying out from inside of you, wanting to be set free, that is why they come with tears, why they come out loudly, why they fight to defend themselves to you, for they are imprisoned inside of you and you want to be free so the lies must know the truth, because only the truth can set them free. (John 8:32) I hope that makes sense, for I see freedom coming on so many levels even lies are going to be set free by the truth we are about to see!

Lisa Great Enebeli


The Excitement is building Mel Tari Coming!

And the anticipation is growing His Love for mankind is awesome

He moves in the supernatural He is Heidi Baker's Pastor

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