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Elijah List Johnny Enlow & Steve Shultz "The Rise of the Gladiators"

"The Rise of the Gladiators"

Hey, happy Thursday everyone. It is Veterans Day in the United States of America. It is Veterans Day, November 11 at 11:02. This is the day we're launching American Warriors. We've told you about it for a couple of days. (Go here to watch American Warriors and subscribe.) Share what God's given you today: God Speaks Through the World Series and Sports Johnny Enlow (00:15:23): All right. Thank you, Steve. Well, for those who follow some of the Elijah List posts I've done; I don't want to repeat what's already available in written form. There was something where the Lord had me go and look some more into the World Series game, and just for some truth out of there. And so, I'm going to read briefly some of that, and then some more that was extracted, and then what that led to for us today. And I think there's really some important stuff and some really good stuff for us in that. Johnny Enlow (00:15:58): And if that sounds strange for those who think, Why would you get a truth out of a World Series game? For those who have followed me for a while know I've been doing this for a long, long time. But I'm used to hearing this: Why don't you just get something from the Bible? And of course, there's value in doing that, but if you just follow the life of Jesus as well; if you look at how many times He would quote Scripture, versus how many times He would just make up a story—a parable—He did that a whole lot more. And He would tell the story so it could make a point. Johnny Enlow (00:16:37): And then it tells us there, '...the visible things of Him (in Romans) from the creation of the world are clearly seen...' and so that He has... And there's another Scripture where He told them that they knew how to read signs in different ways, but they couldn't recognize what He [was] saying. So, just so you know, this is normal for the Lord to speak in every conceivable way, particularly something that would draw a lot of attention. I think, in general, I'm getting less from the sports events because they are being de-emphasized overall. Johnny Enlow (00:17:05): There's less attention to them; there's a pruning of everything to do with that... The Braves Win the World Series: What God Is Saying Through Freddie Freeman and David Justice So, the Braves won the World Series. And I'm just going to remind you again, for those who want to hear and see the full message, you can look just from a few days ago [on] Elijah List; it was on the World Series, from me. But I had pointed out how the MVP, the most valuable player of the World Series, was a player named Jorge Soler. And he's Cuban-born defector. So, someone born in Havana; he defected; he came away from communism, socialism and wanted to be where there's free. Johnny Enlow (00:17:51): And so, he hit a big home run. He's number 12 (we spoke about what that spoke into). And then Freddie Freeman was a big name as well. And he's actually the one that scored the seventh run. It was the seventh run because it was a home run, and the final score was 7-0 (we spoken into the 7 and the 0 and what that means). And so, Freddie Freeman is the prevailing, the reigning, Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the National League. He was from last year's game. And then he hit the home run again that made it 7-0. And I had asked the Lord a few days ago (a few days before then)—because I could see he was on the World Series game I was following—how it was going. Steve Shultz (00:18:31): Pretty cool. Johnny Enlow (00:18:31): I said, "You know, I will know that this is really something we should look into more, if Freddie Freeman hits the final home run." And that's the last run that scored. And so, Freddie Freeman hit the final run. What I didn't point out, even then that run that made it 7-0, Freddie Freeman's home run, was also the 45th run of the series. So, it was on the 45th run of the series. That's what made it final, 7-0. And so, we're speaking into how America—it's been called America's team, the Braves, really for many, many, many years. They have spoken into a destiny of the United States. Bob Jones would point that out many, many years ago. Johnny Enlow (00:19:14): And the last time they won the World Series was 26 years ago on a home run. It was a 'one-nothing' game, a home run by David Justice. And though they won 14 consecutive National League titles, they couldn't win the World Series. And so, there's something about connecting with David and Justice, and then connecting all the way up to where we are now where the Braves win 7-0. And so, I had pointed out about Freddie Freeman, the obvious 'free man.' And so, there's the defector who wants more freedom; then there's Freddie Freeman, and how these things correlate with a message for us in general, that freedom is going to win. Johnny Enlow (00:19:54): And, as opposed to 26 years ago, when it was a 'one-nothing' win and it wasn't enough, it was the announcement of justice. This was 7-0 because it's something that has to be reflected in the 7 mountains (in the 7 areas of society). So, I'm just giving you a little, tiny catch up from before. Are we still okay? The visual? Steve Shultz (00:20:20): Yeah, we're good. Gladiator: What God Is Saying Through Max Fried Johnny Enlow (00:20:24): All right. The main player, the Lord told me to look into it more over the last couple of days. And somebody else (we have some people that look on our prophetic and do the comments) had two people [who] actually had said, "Well, you know, the pitcher's name, the star pitcher who won that game, he pitched out shutout ball. He got some help at the end, but his name was Max Fried." [Pronounced: Freed.] But it's spelled F-R-I-E-D. So, if you just read it, you don't pick [that] up because it looks like Max Fry-ed, but his name is Max Freed. Johnny Enlow (00:20:57): And so, he was star pitcher, gave up no runs, and he's number 54. And so, the Lord was speaking to me. He [said], "This theme of freedom." Again, this is relevant to everything we're talking about. Everything we're talking about in our nation is: Are the Lord's promises going to be fulfilled? Is He using the person of President Trump? Is He going to take us into this place of it's a rescue operation for us? Are we going to lose to communism and socialism and the anti-Christ spirit... Steve Shultz (00:21:30): Wow. Johnny Enlow (00:21:30): ... that's definitely trying to accelerate things and really trying to change the timeline overall? And so, what was real interesting, I want to highlight several things about Max Fried. That's really the point because [of] where we have to go. [What] I had informally named (even what we're doing/talking about today) was Maximus, the gladiators and the rise of the Republic. And these will connect in a different way other than... You'll see—for those who remember the movie Gladiator with Russell Crowe—you'll see (you'll understand) some of the direction we're going. But it's really this is not so much a deciphering of the movie, as to the moment and the way the Lord led me there. Johnny Enlow (00:22:18): So, what's interesting about Max Fried is his nickname—Maximus. That's what the players call him is Maximus. And just like they nickname Freddie Freeman; he is named "Freddie the Hugger." And because he's always hugging and smiling, and so that's a significant part of the message that we'll get into in just a moment. But he is number 54, just like Freddie Freeman is number 5. So we're pointing out, it's the grace of God that's going to give us this breakthrough; that's going to give the Atlanta Braves. This is what He's requiring of us: courage, bravery. We [have] got to stand up just like Joshua when he's going into the Promised Land. Only be very courageous. Be brave. Be very courageous. Johnny Enlow (00:23:04): And so that's the message for us today; the direction that we're going. He also (just a couple of days ago), Maximus Fried, won [the] Golden Glove Award as the best defender at his position in the League. And that's a message right there as well— being the best defender. And he's number 54, and number 54 connects us with Isaiah 54. Isaiah 54: Sing, O Barren! I'd already shared that the 26-year gap between championships for the Atlanta Braves connected us to Isaiah 26, and in the word that I previously shared, that came out of the Elijah List. Isaiah 26 starts out (first verse): "In that day will the song be sung in the land of Judah..." And it's about the song being sung. Well, if you look at Isaiah 54, it starts out: "Sing, O barren, (sing)..." Johnny Enlow (00:27:18): I will pick back up where we were. You just confirm if you can hear me all right. So anyway, Isaiah 54. (And we're getting amazing opposition on this, [when] I actually have the best setup ever for this time, with a brand-new computer. But that's all right; we're going to insist on this.) Isaiah 54: "Sing, O barren (sing); break forth into singing..." And I'm giving these because these are Scriptures for us, as the Body of Christ, right now in this time, when it seems different than that. It's saying, "Sing, O barren." It didn't say, "Sing, O one who's producing triplets and quintuplets," or whatever else. It's saying, "O barren." Johnny Enlow (00:27:57): And on both of these messages we were instructed to sing, "Enlarge the place of your tent. You will expand to the left and the right and your descendants will inherit the nations." And it goes on in verse 13: "...great shall be the peace of your children." This is a prophetic word the Lord's speaking to us, and that He's continued to speak from that World Series result. Verse 17 is the well-known Scripture: "No weapon formed against you will prosper." The Days of Noah: A Coming Flood and the Curse Reversed If we actually look at verse 9, it talks about, "This is like the waters of Noah. I have sworn the waters of Noah will no longer cover the earth" [paraphrased]. Johnny Enlow (00:28:34): And so, this application of Noah is also in there as well; this is a flooding that's coming. (Photo via Pixabay) But ultimately, if you remember, the ark rests on top of Mount Ararat. And Mount Ararat means the "curse reversed." And so, the direction of this mayhem that's around us and around the world, though it looks difficult for many, depending [on] where you are (it's more intense [for some] than others), there is a promise from the Lord. And, really, it's about the peace for our children. He's speaking to our children [and] their children's children. So that's part of the 'Maximus' message that's coming to us, as he's number 54, [and] he was pitching the shutout. We Are Gladiators Who Carry Joy Johnny Enlow (00:29:14): But here's where the Lord then had me look and connect it to the Gladiator movie, because there is the call that Maximus had, and then there's a call that he has for all of us right now to be gladiators, and a unique application. There was the emphasis not put in the movie that the Lord put in it about being gladiators (G-L-A-D); about those who carry the joy. And the joy of the Lord is our strength at this time, and we have to be able to carry that strength in the middle of a very difficult-seeming season, where it doesn't seem to be our preference to carry joy. And, if you look at the one that was really recommending that to us, or speaking to that to us, [it] is the apostle Paul. Johnny Enlow (00:30:00): He's the one that said, "I have learned in whatsoever state I am to be content" [paraphrased]. And he talked about having "joy unspeakable and full of glory." Scripture after Scripture, he would talk about joy and rejoicing; rejoice in all things. And here's the guy that was already known to him that part of his prophetic destiny was to be a martyr. He knew that ahead of time. He had a prophet even confirm that to him. He went through all kinds of beatings and other things about being in prison with Silas, and he is rejoicing at midnight because he is deemed worthy of suffering. And so, this is a call to be gladiators and to be those who begin to set the people free. Johnny Enlow (00:30:44): So, [back to] the setting of that movie with Russell Crowe. (Russell Crowe starred in it, if you remember. He was the one that was the character Maximus) And there are just some quotes, some interactions, that I want to extract for us today that are important for us as we're moving forward. And again, they're parallel to what's taking place in our society at this time. And if you remember, there was (I'm not sure exactly the right pronunciation of [this]), we'll say, "the evil tyrant," Commodus. And he had really been responsible for killing Marcus Aurelius, and who had been, we'll say, "the good leader" that was there.

Johnny Enlow (00:31:37): And [in] a series of circumstances, Maximus (Russell Crowe) had to be the one that was... He had to take the gladiator route and show up really as an unnamed 'unknown,' until he finally announced who he was. And this was all about—and there's these things that are connected right now or Maximus. And so, I want to remind you: Maximus Fried. There's this freedom, 'free man,' and Freddie Freeman, Maximus Fried, the pitcher of the Braves, Jorge Soler the MVP, and he's the one that's a defector from Cuba. So, the Lord's speaking, freedom's going to win, but you have to stand up. You got to make the bold stands such as what Maximus did, really representing as a gladiator. Johnny Enlow (00:32:25): So, here's some of the interaction, and it's just supposed to minister to us and speak to us as well. At some point (and I'll take you to the end when Maximus, he wins the final duel), he makes this [statement] (direct script from the movie): "Quintus! Release my men. Senator Gracchus is to be reinstated. There was a dream that was Rome. It shall be realized." Well, what he's talking about (Rome and the dream that came out in the movie) is the dream of being a republic and men being free. Well, it really wasn't true in real life, about Rome being a true republic. Johnny Enlow (00:33:08): And so, it's really more applicable. The applicable point for us is there's a 'Maximus,' he's going to win, and he's going to say, "Release my men." And then he's going to say, "He who's supposed to be in power is to be reinstated."That was Maximus that said, "Senator Gracchus is to be reinstated." And he talked about [how] there was a dream (and this goes with the conversation that is going on throughout the movie) of reinstating the original Republic. And so, Gracchus then says... the senator in the conversation (again, we're just a couple of splices here or there and then we're going to get another main point): Johnny Enlow (00:33:49): "So, after," so he says to Maximus, "so, after Rome is all yours, you're just going to give it back to the people? Tell me why." So, it's so interesting. And so, Maximus says, "Because that was a dying man's last wish." And he was talking about Marcus Aurelius. And we have a connection even. There was something that, originally, President John F. Kennedy [recognized] (not that he was the most perfect, holy president); but he recognized there was an agenda; there was an evil that was against the Republic of the United States). So, he began to make a statement of how he wanted to take that down and he was eliminated. Johnny Enlow (00:34:32): So, we see there's something that's being contended for, right now. And we have President Trump [as] the spearhead of this. There's a whole movement and team with him. It's really a global thing that's taking place. It's a global fight for freedom. And [I] have to say right up front, this last week, just talking with leaders in the Body of Christ and pastors, there's something in me [that] just rises up even right now. Pastors, leaders, ministers: wake the heck up. You have got to recognize the agenda that's behind the control. There is some argumentation taking place: "Well, how hard is it to get a jab in the arm? How hard is it to do this, put the mask on? How hard is it to go under oppression? How hard is it to go into prison and to be held back?" Johnny Enlow (00:35:25): But the Lord is calling for gladiators, those who will fight for freedom. [They] do so in the strength of the joy of the Lord, but they do it on behalf of the people. And they did it in the Colosseum in front of the people. And so, this is what we're up against right now. These are the opportunities that are forced. But the Lord is prophesying through a World Series game to add to all the other ways He's been prophesying these things. And so, [here are] a couple more quotes that come from that movie. There was—Maximus was first forced to say his name in front of the Colosseum because he just called himself Gladiator... Johnny Enlow (00:36:07): And so, the treacherous Commodus [was] like, "Give me your name," you know, as an order that he had to disclose who he was. He says, "I am Maximus Decimus Meridius, commanders of the armies of the north, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius" [paraphrased]. So, we have this 'thing' of a false authority, false government. And so there's a reason the Lord's leading me to this name, Maximus—Maximus Fried, Maximus Freedman, freedom that we really have to be those who contend for. We have to recognize [this], particularly ministers. Leaders, quit bowing to the agenda and just acting like you can... This is, it's no big deal. It is a massive deal. It's a massive deal in the spirit. Freedom vs Control - Good vs Evil Johnny Enlow (00:36:57): We have something we can't even freely talk about, but there a 99.6, 99.4% recovery rate from it, if there is no jab. And there are all kinds of deaths going on around the world. I just saw this video of 75 key sports deaths, heart attacks that have taken place in the last month or two. Again, it won't make the mainstream media. And it's not to put fear in anyone who's already gotten the jab, but it's not just about the jab. That's just an instrument of control. And they will do the next thing and the next thing and the next thing, and it's about freedom versus no freedom. Johnny Enlow (00:37:40): And that's really the choice right now. It's God and godlessness; it's good and evil. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. It's not "Where the Spirit of the Lord is 'there is doing the safe thing.'" And as I pointed out, even in the word I wrote out, Freddie Freeman (the MVP of the Braves), his name is not "Freddie Safeman," it's Freddie Freeman. And so, whatever [is] in your spirit, if you're listening (particularly if you're a leader); whatever, in you, is not aligned and in sync with a passion for freedom, you've really got to get out of that funk; you've got to break off that deep programming. Johnny Enlow (00:38:18): I feel like I'm speaking even to ministers and pastors right now. If you're keeping the news—CNN (Fox is no better)—if you're keeping these news programs running in your house, you have no chance of seeing things correctly. You are going to be totally under a spell, because the Lord is leading us into freedom. So anyway, after this confrontation and everything going on, Commodus, at one point, responds back to Maximus: "Striking story! But now, the people want to know how the story ends. Only a famous death will do." (That's just an interesting comment that comes from the movie.) Johnny Enlow (00:38:56): And then the conversation goes on and Commodus says to Maximus: "Do you think I'm afraid?" (Does he think he [Commodus] is afraid of him [Maximus].) Maximus: "I think you've been afraid your whole life." And then, once he had really come to the victory, Maximus says: "At my signal, unleash Hell." So, we're in this place, the modern gladiators, where the joy of the Lord is our strength. And we have examples for some people wondering, "Well, what kind of example are you looking for? What are we talking about?" Johnny Enlow (00:39:30): And I had written, just a few names: You have Robert F. Kennedy, who's put his reputation, his name, his life in danger by standing up and telling whoever will listen on the dangers of the jab and the agenda behind it. He is standing up as a gladiator of sorts. And it's something for the people to awaken to, this desire for freedom. You have Project Veritas' leader, James, (I forget his last name), and— Steve Shultz (00:40:00): O'Keefe. O'Keefe, I think. Johnny Enlow (00:40:03): ... Yes.

Steve Shultz (00:40:04): O'Keefe. Johnny Enlow (00:40:06): And then he's facing—you know, he gets arrested, his house gets broken into by the FBI. They take a hit for making these stands for righteousness. Judy Mikovits, who's exposed the agenda in a heavy way, and you can't even bring her name up anywhere or you get censored. Andrew Zorba from Gab, he's doing a great thing. And so, these are just some examples, but there's a lot of you doing it at all kinds of different levels. This is a time for the gladiators to arise. This is a time for the gladiators to rise because there is going to be a rise of the Republic. The original dream of God for the United States of America, He's speaking to it through every kind of way, through every kind of event. He's using a World Series. Johnny Enlow (00:40:50): This is the land of the free and the home of the brave (the home of the Braves). And he's saying we have to stand up and rise up in all the ways that we can, and we put our... Everyone who was a gladiator always knew they were putting their life at risk. And so, the way they put your life at risk nowadays, compared to then, is you're putting your prestige, your reputation, family relationships, your job, your career [at risk]. But it really is a time that we have to recognize that we have to step into this role. Yes, there is a help coming from Heaven. Yes, the angels are working in a big way, right now. And there's just a word from the Lord even on that. Angels Are Released When We Move Johnny Enlow (00:41:28): As you do something, as you step into being a gladiator, at whatever level you can and wherever you are, angels get released. Angels are released when we move. This is a truth throughout Scripture. As the children of Israel, we know, as they approached Jericho; it's when they marched around Jericho, they had intentions against the wall of Jericho, then the angels [came] and [pushed] the walls of Jericho down. The Lord would defend Israel, fight for Israel as they would go into the battlefield. They didn't have to have the firepower, they didn't have to have the war capability to come against the enemies—enemies greater and minor than them. So, you stepped in according to the level of possibility for you. Conspiracy Johnny Enlow (00:42:13): But I really feel like the Lord wants to—He wants to trigger our love for freedom at this time. I know many of you... already have it. But for those asleep, and it's like, "No, it's no big deal," I mean, I'm feeling something else from Lord, I'm just going to say it: to the degree you're a leader and you're saying, "If you start something, you know, I'm not a conspiracy theorist." As soon as you mentioned the term "conspiracy theory" or "conspiracy theorist," and you distance yourself from it, there's a 95% chance that you are asleep; that you are asleep in every conceivable way. There is no question that there is a conspiracy... Johnny Enlow (00:42:54): There is no question biblically. To go to Psalms 2, why do the nation's rage? It talks about governments that conspire. It lays out [that] there is always, there is always, and has always been a conspiracy. The only question is, either, do you recognize it? Or do you see God big enough that you don't need to look at it? You definitely don't want to say there's no conspiracy. If you say there's no conspiracy, that means you're saying what mainstream media is telling you is true. That means what government is telling you, you believe to be true. And you know, 100%, that can't be true. Steve Shultz (00:43:29): Wow. Examples of Modern-Day Gladiators in the 7 Mountains Johnny Enlow (00:43:30): So anyway, Steve, that was two parts, two thirds, of what I had. And then there's something that relates to really the '7 mountain mandate message' we carry, about being activated into every area of society; that our role and our job as ambassadors of the King is not just to have good meetings as a church, but we have to show up in every area of society. But I just read a most... it was released through, but it's from a CEO (and I haven't met him, haven't tried to talk to him) named Marcus Pittman, CEO of L-O-O-R, and they're all capital, and .tv [is in] small letters, tv. LOOR tv, a new streaming platform. Johnny Enlow (00:44:19): Again, these are part of—we have these gladiators creating new platforms, parallel, alternative things all over the place. And this is part of the proper uprising that needs to take place in this time. But it's amazing, some of the things that he writes, and probably applied to what I'm talking about, and how for those who know the 7-mountain message are called to rise and shine in every area of society, to be salt and light and part of the reason why we're suffering, so tremendously right now, is that we have not been there before, and this comes out even as he's writing. I don't even know his spiritual upbringing, but here we go... What Marcus Pittman Has to Say [Editor's note: Quoted material below is in italics. You can read Marcus Pittman's original article in its entirety here.] He's starts out saying: "Conservatives are facing an uphill battle." I'll say Believers are facing an uphill battle. "Marxists are running all of the major corporations." In other ways, you could say that Marxists are running all the 7 mountains. "From Hollywood to San Francisco, Coca-Cola to Starbucks, from Google to Facebook the corporations have been infiltrated by ideologues. It's times like these that (Believers) conservatives need to ask themselves some serious questions about the current situation. Why are all the major global brands forcing secularism down the throats of Americans? Why are so few major businesses refusing Marxist globalism? Why are these capitalistic industries suddenly willing to make business decisions that hurt the bottom line?" Think of that, capitalistic industries willing to make businesses' business decisions that hurt the bottom line. And here's the response. This is where it gets really interesting: "The answer is, theology. Big tech, and mainstream media do not suffer from lack of theology. No one does. Everyone from Zuckerberg to Jeff Zucker are image bearers, created in the image of God. They are religious creatures. They have foundational beliefs, moral structures, and metaphysical commitments as strong as any fundamentalist. They have an eschatological system rooted in the belief that by liberalism some men will inherit the earth. They have commitments that they are willing to sacrifice for and actions that they will defend as vehemently as any sacrament. They are wrong, but wrong theology is theology nonetheless. When you reject the triune God of Scripture, the vacuum that remains will be filled with a different religion." Here's where it gets really important too: "For the last 200 years, Christian theology has been in retreat. It has not expected Christ to conquer the world." Again, whether I agree with everything, the way he says everything, he's not a theologian, pastor, or preacher. This is a businessman talking."It has not expected Christ to conquer the world. It has not believed like many of our Founding Fathers that true faith could build nations. It has been dedicated to persecution and tribulation." In other words, it's been dedicated to the narrative that what's next for the Body of Christ is either persecution or tribulation, and it has been so. He said for "200 years"; it's actually been more than that. So, "Thanks to the teachings," back to his writing, "thanks to the teachings of John Nelson Darby and C.I. Scofield, Christians since the late 1800s have expected things to get worse and worse. Christians have been encouraged to focus on 'just sharing the Gospel' and wait out the storm until we are raptured away. The antichrist might come any moment. Hopefully he's already here!" Johnny Enlow (00:48:11): ...So, he said, "This has had a tremendously positive effect when it comes to global evangelism. The 19th and 20th centuries have poured more money and resources into missionary organizations than in the entire history of the world." Now this gets really important, the nuances we're about to get into here: "But it has been terrible for the Church's desire to transform governments or build industries. Look at all the millions of dollars that have been put into the nations like Haiti and the poorest nations in Africa. Why is it that with so much money and missions, the people still suffer from oppressive governments and still don't understand capitalism? Why does the most Christian nation in the history of the earth, with churches on every block that has spent billions of dollars spreading the Gospel into every corner of the earth have so few Christians controlling Fortune 100 companies are positioned such a time as this in the highest levels of government?" I'm going to keep reading: "Two different worldviews are competing with each other. The liberal worldview that cares very little for the spiritual or the afterlife. And the other, a worldview from Darby and Scofield that cares nothing for the building of nations for multi-generational industries. Take this for quote from John Nelson Darby: 'The imminent return of Christ totally forbids all working for earthly objects distant in time.'" Now I'm just going to interrupt the read for a moment. You understand that this author of dispensationalism that is revered by so many millions in America and around the world, he says, 'Because Christ is about to return' (and we're talking hundreds of years ago), 'it forbids us from working for earthly objectives.' In other words, Let's not influence government; let's not influence media; let's not influence Hollywood, etc., etc. In other words, Salt and light, remove yourself from society. And it really was an antichrist initiative. I'm not saying he was, but the way he was used was that. So, let's keep going. "Or this, from a more recent hero..." And he quotes Dr. John MacArthur, who was forced to fight the State of California and won, recently. He's heroic here. But listen, this is a quote of his from 1994: "'Reclaiming' the culture is a pointless futile exercise. I am convinced we're living in a post-Christian society—a civilization that exists under God's judgment." That was a quote from 27 years ago by a very influential leader. It's pointless, futile, to reclaim the culture, to fight for the culture. Now Jesus made it so obvious. You are the salt of the earth. If the salt ceases to be that, it will be good for nothing but to be cast out and trampled. We were warned by Jesus. And this is not a new 7-mountain thing; this is Jesus in His first message when He said [essentially], "If you don't show up and not just influence culture, but be the prevailing influence in culture, you are going to find the rock that develops in government and in media education is going to trample you." Okay? Let me continue a little more: "For the past 200 years, Christians have believed that things are going get worse and worse. The faithlessness stunted the entrepreneurial spirit of American Christians." Let me say that line one more time: "This faithlessness stunted the entrepreneurial spirit of American Christians. (Photo via Flickr) "For centuries, it was the faith of Christians that expected the world to last and expected God's blessings to be generational that made this nation and Western civilization in the kind of place that would be able to afford to send missionaries to the rest of the world. Christians no longer build hospitals, we don't pioneer technological innovations, we don't build businesses that can be used to bless our great, great, great grandchildren. We look askance when Kanye West said, 'This is for my kid, kid, kid for when my kid, kid, kids have kids.'" He says something like that—Christians have a tick off and go, "What's he thinking? Like this is going to delay?" And so, "Compare this to the end of the world 'at-any-time sort' of thinking (that we've been under) with Arthur Guinness, the creator of Guinness Beer, of Dublin, Ireland. He leased St. James's Gate, the site of the Guinness Brewery, for 9,000 years. Building a business with a nearly deca millennial lease makes no sense if you are looking around every corner of history for the antichrist." So, he established a lease for 9,000 years, and that just shows you're breaking off the expectation of the antichrist showing up right away at that time. All right. Let me just do a little bit more here. This is so good. What about the Scripture that says 1 Corinthians 15:24? I'll just read it this way: "1 Corinthians 15:24 (and) 25 promises the opposite of a doom and gloom timeline." To remind you, this is not just me saying it, though it totally agrees to everything I'm always saying. This is a businessman writing this. He's quoting 1 Corinthians 15:24: "Then comes the end, when He delivers the Kingdom to God the Father after destroying every rule and every authority and power. For He must reign until He has put all His enemies under his feet." This is an eschatology of victory. This is an eschatology that says our enemies will be defeated and that Christianity can prevail. Look around you, there are enemies of Christ in every major business, every governmental institution, every fabric of society. They will be defeated. Not by violent warfare, but by the preaching of the Gospel that believes that Christ will be victorious in time and space. We need a faith that believes that Christ saves you from sin and Hell, but also believes that salvation inspires you to transform the world now. "Christians built the telegraph machine, the Transatlantic cable, and the printing press. We built the greatest nation the world has ever known, and then we abandoned the (good) eschatology... (and embraced) the doomed end-times scenarios of Darby and Scofield. We have abandoned an eschatology of victory and the liberals and the Marxists were more than happy to pick it up. But unlike the Christian eschatology that rejoices in flourishing humanity reflecting the loving community of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, they trust in themselves to use government and industry to convert the world to a communistic new earth. They have only ever created hellholes, each more terrifyingly life destroying than the last." He's speaking of these Marxists who do have a theology, who are operating—have been operating in the tops of the mountains. He said, "It's time to remember that we serve a victorious King." Last couple of sentences: "All governments rest on Christ's shoulders. Our God is over all business ventures and technological innovation. It's time to build, invent, and pioneer in such a way that our great, great, great, great grandchildren will still benefit. We must not just build parallel economies hoping we might survive. We must build strong secondary economies trusting that they will be a blessing to many when they become the primary economy." Now I just thought that was a home-run-hitting message... I know it's hard for us to have interaction at this point. But this ties in with what the Lord is saying through this overall message: Maximus, and then there is the rise of the gladiators. The gladiators are rising; the rise of the Republic. I believe the Lord is going to give us back our original dream for this nation. Delay to Awaken the Courageous Johnny Enlow (00:56:41): And again, people [are] like, "Win, win, win, win!" And it just becomes clear to me, all the time, the Lord allowed the pain, and the pain of delay... Whatever delay that remains in us seeing this sudden moment of intervention of justice in a public way—that we think is very soon—whatever delay is there is a delay designed to further awaken the courageous, the brave ones; those who will fight for freedom; those who do the 'Maximus fight' for freedom, to be freed, to be free specifically of this joke of Marxism, communism... this control that desires to depopulate the planet, that desires to bring more of its poison, expand its poison. The Travis Scott Concert and a Generation That's Waking Up Johnny Enlow (00:57:28): I haven't even gone into conversation. I don't know, Steve, if any of your interviews of this week have gone into the matter in Houston. I won't go into that right now, the Travis Scott concert. But that was an absolute portal of Hell that was opened up, and we haven't heard the end of that yet because the damage was huge and widespread. And the Lord is using it to wake up. It's amazing, among the TikTokers and that generation, and the people that were there, they were saying, "It was Hell. It was Hell. It was demonic; you could feel it." There's an awakening. They're starting to give us instruction. Now they know this is war. Johnny Enlow (00:58:05): And again, there's something that keeps rising in my spirit every time I think and want to mention, I don't want to be mad at ministers and pastors, but I got to say it again: You got to wake the heck up. You got to wake the heck up. This is war of that kind of level, and you've got to be one that rises up. Yeah, we got to do it with gladness, we got to have the joy of the Lord be our strength. And even if I'm a little serious right now, I'm a very joyful person...

Steve Shultz (00:58:33): Me too. Johnny Enlow (00:58:35): ... But there is the joy of the Lord that will be our strength, for this is a unique day, and the Lord is promising that freedom's going to win. But we do have to arise and cooperate with this freedom that He's bringing. Steve Shultz (00:58:51): Wow. Johnny, that's so good. I'm sorry we had the connection issues today. Why don't you do this real quick, Johnny, just before you go pray for the people. Whatever's on your heart. Johnny Enlow (00:59:04): Amen. Steve Shultz (00:59:04): Amen. Prayer Johnny Enlow (00:59:07): Lord, we just thank You for this time that we have together. We thank You, Lord. I thank You Lord for those that You are awakening all across the globe, all around this planet, Lord; those that are awakening in many countries and those that are being courageous; those that are being gladiators, and, particularly those, too, who have understanding of the time, Lord. We really have even the biggest ability to be proper gladiators, to carry Your joy as our core strength, as we recognize that we're part of an opportunity in history. Johnny Enlow (00:59:40): And this time in history will be so significant—will be talked about for multiple generations, how the gladiators did arise in this generation, how they did confront that which was anti-freedom, that which would have lock them down, that which would strip them of health and strip them of life and bring burden and debt to families in a progressive way, Lord. And I just thank You for those listening right now, Lord. I ask You to release Your Spirit, Lord, that You would release Your encouragement, that You would... In the name of Jesus, I take authority over depression and these clouds of panic and anxiety that even come to torment your sons and daughters. Johnny Enlow (01:00:20): In the name of Jesus, I command those clouds of panic and depression, oppression to leave all those that are watching or listening to this at this time. I thank You for awakening Your sons and daughters, Lord. I thank You for a next level of awakening. I thank You a great day of victory is upon us and is before us and for the nations. That's why it was a World Series. It's 'World Series,' but it's a World Series with the baseball parallel for us at this time. This is a time for the world to be awakened in a new way, Lord. And we're headed to the most amazing days, but we're going through fire [crosstalk 01:00:59]. Steve Shultz (01:00:58): Yes, Lord. Johnny Enlow (01:01:00): It's a fire to awaken us, it's (I called it before) the "rude awakening" for the "great awakening." And I thank You for Your sons and daughters that are being released, Your sons and daughters that are beginning to dream new dreams, Your sons and daughters that are developing the courage, this unprecedented courage like they've never had before where they're willing... Whereas maybe, even just a few days or few weeks or a few months ago, there was fear to risk stepping up and saying what needs to be said; this fear to rise up in a righteous indignation. And, Lord, let the proper righteous indignation be released— Steve Shultz (01:01:39): Yes, Lord. Johnny Enlow (01:01:39): ... Into your sons and daughters right now. And we thank You for this, Lord. We bless Your name, Lord. We thank You for what You're doing at this time in our nation. We thank You for these angels. Release them, Lord. Let them be activated. Let this thing be accelerated, Lord, we do pray. But we thank You that You are in control of this process. We thank You. You are there, You are very close. Show me. You are not distant, You're not just watching from afar; You are here, You are involved. And we receive what You're doing, we accept what You're doing, what You're saying. We awaken to Your call. In Jesus' name, amen. Steve Shultz (01:02:15): Amen. Thank you, Johnny. Really rich content! Johnny Enlow Johnny and Elizabeth Email:


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