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Dutch Sheets and Tim Sheets: "God's High-Ranking Angels Are Being Sent in This Season to Help Us"

From Dutch Sheets: This season has been anything but boring. During YouTube's week-long censorship of us, I participated in four significant gatherings in four states over a five-day period.

In three of the four meetings, I spoke on the World Seers Series dream, which we reposted last week on our Give Him 15 website. In this dream, the Ekklesia was playing a championship baseball game against the kingdom of darkness. Our fourth batter (representing the fourth quarter of 2022) removed the voice and control of the opposing pitcher by hitting a baseball into his throat. The pitcher was a spirit, Baal-zephon (see Exodus 14). Before this occurred in the dream, Holy Spirit had stated, "Hit the ball at his throat. Remove his voice... If you hit the mark, it will change this game."

These last three months of 2022 are incredibly significant. If we "hit the mark" (one of the meanings of the Hebrew word for intercession – paga), it will change the game in America. Baal's hold over our nation will be broken. Another significant occurrence in this last quarter of the dream was the removing of the home plate umpire, who had been cheating for the kingdom of darkness, and the insertion of the archangel Michael to replace him. Michael is about to enter the contest!

As an amazing confirmation, my brother, Tim, has received a strong word from the Lord regarding Michael and other high-ranking angels being sent in this season to help us. Tim is one of the leading scholars on angels; his books on this subject are the best I know of. Holy Spirit often allows him to see angels and speaks to him regarding their activities.

Running with Angels by Tim Sheets

Tim said: "God's purposes are coming together in supernaturally accelerated ways. Promises, dreams, visions and prophecies are surging into this moment. God invites us to participate in His purposes through prayer, faith decrees, worship and embracing who we truly are: sons and daughters of God possessing Kingdom authority to reign with Christ in this life, as Paul said in Romans 5:17.

"Recently, Holy Spirit spoke to me, 'Now begins a merger of the earthly and heavenly realms of Christ's spiritual Kingdom in ways and levels never before seen. This merger will accelerate a new-era Pentecost. Power and Kingdom authority will be seen on Earth as never before. I'm merging the Kingdom of Heaven with Earth and pouring out My Spirit in far greater measure. I am giving you assistance I've given no other generation. I have prepared you to work with My angels at levels no other generation has experienced.'

"I have seen more angels this past year than I've seen in the last 15 years combined. I know that this is due to the planned purposes of God for this time. I have seen multiple divisions of angels that are assigned to work in government, and others that produce revival, awakening, reformation and alignment. There has also been an acceleration of angels assigned to minister to children and youth. (Photo via Stockfreedotorg)

"In one of our services just a few weeks ago, I saw more angels present than I have ever seen before – hundreds of them. I saw the two angels assigned to each person's life, standing with them. There was a powerful, weighty presence of King Jesus in the room. Clearly, something in Christ's Kingdom is amping up.

The Seraphim Order

"Recently, Holy Spirit has begun revealing to me another division of angels being sent to assist the Ekklesia: the seraphim order of angels. These are the highest ranking angels we know of. They are incredibly powerful beings that carry the delegated authority of the Godhead. Most theologians believe Michael and Gabriel are part of the seraphim order.

"The seraphim minister in God's throne room. They provide protection and proclaim the holiness of God, declaring, 'Holy, holy, holy is the Lord...' (Isaiah 6:3). Seraphim are also angels of fire, which the prophet Ezekiel described as being capable of striking things on Earth with God's power (see Ezekiel 1).

God commissions these angels into the earth realm to assist His people. They empower the decrees of the Ekklesia, striking God's enemies with His lightning-like power.

"There is another aspect of the ministry of seraphim that I believe God is accelerating into our times. The first chapter of Luke tells us of Zechariah, a priest that ministered at the altar of the Lord. He and his wife Elizabeth wanted children, but Elizabeth was barren. God sent Gabriel, a seraphim from the throne room, with His message to them: 'God has heard your prayers. You will have a son and you are to call his name John. He will have the spirit of Elijah upon him and will prepare the way for the Messiah' (see Luke 1:13-17).

"This word was so overwhelming it caused Zechariah to doubt if it was true. In disbelief, he questioned the angel: 'How do I know if this is really true? Is there a sign you can give me?' The angel said to him, 'I am Gabriel. I stand in the presence of God and He sent me to tell you this. Because you question my veracity, here's your sign. You will be unable to speak until the child is born' (see Luke 1:18-20). Zechariah's voice was indeed silenced until the birth of his son.

"In this account, a seraphim was able to stop the ability of a human to communicate. Would they not be capable of affecting the communication systems of those who are enemies of God and His people today? I believe this is one of the reasons why God has now sent His seraphim order to us, the Ekklesia – to help stop the communication of evil in our land and assist in enforcing the decrees of the King's Ekklesia.

Team Work

"Mighty angels are here to help us silence demons and disrupt their influence. They are here to assist us in overcoming perversion, idolatry, dark deceptions, sexual confusion and the worship of Baal through abortion. We need angelic assistance to silence those actively promoting anti-Christ ideologies. They will expose wicked communication and tear down strongholds in government, education, media, big tech, arts and entertainment and religion. (Photo via Wallpaper Flare)

"Hebrews 1:14 tells us that angels minister to (diakonia) and assist the heirs of salvation. (See Strong, The New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, ref. no. 1249.) In Revelation 22:1-7, Apostle John received a word from a throne room messenger (which implies it was a seraphim). When he saw the angel, John knelt, but the angel stopped him saying, 'I am your fellow servant, and the fellow servant of your brethren, the prophets and to all those who keep the sayings of this book' (see verses 8 and 9). Fellow servant is the Greek word 'sundoulos,' meaning to run together with; to serve the same master, plan or cause. It also means co-servant or to be on the same team. (See Strong, The New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, ref. no. 4889.)

"Using these definitions, we are told that angels are on the same team as Christ's heirs, assigned to run with them. They are commissioned to serve the purposes of God with the Ekklesia as they conduct Kingdom business on Earth. Psalm 103 tells us angels engage and help connect decrees to their moment, bringing them to pass (verses 20-21). Angels are one of the ways through which Holy Spirit gives us the advantage. Decree God's words – fuel the angels!"

Pray with Me

From Dutch Sheets: Lord, we pray for an outpouring of Your Spirit on our sons, daughters and grandchildren. We pray that a Jesus movement greater than any before would begin to sweep across America and throughout the world. We bind lying spirits assigned to generate evil communication.

You have sent Your angels to help us win a great harvest. Our children will sing Your songs, dream Your dreams, minister under the anointing of Holy Spirit and be mighty members of Your Kingdom. Hell will not stop this. We pray that Your angels would activate and empower this across the world. It is time! We pray for an outpouring of Your Holy Spirit that will bring light into the darkness. Let it accelerate according to Your plans.

Father, we continue to pray for those impacted by Hurricane Ian. Comfort those who have lost family members; encourage those who have lost possessions. We lift their arms through prayer. Sustain and strengthen them. Give churches in Florida strategies and resources to serve and lead many to You.

And lastly, we fuel the greatest revival in world history with our prayers. It is coming and will not be stopped. Send many angels to assist in this. We pray these things in Jesus' name. Amen.

Our Decree:

We decree that Holy Spirit is being poured out in great measure and power, producing unquenchable fire and world-wide revival.

(Much of today's post was contributed by my brother, Tim Sheets. You can find out more about Tim here. To watch this full word, click here.)

Dutch Sheets Dutch Sheets Ministries

Tim Sheets Email: This Post was taken from Elijah List


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