'David The First Super Hero' Johnny Enlow Video

Johnny Enlow shares a powerful message on the life of David at the 2020 Elijah List conference.

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This Book is Amazing!

Five Smooth Stones Marc Brisebois INCREASE your authority INFLUENCE God’s way David picked up five smooth stones before meeting with Goliath. Countless teachings amplify the drama of that fateful day, yet it is not necessarily his greatest accomplishment. While it stands out clearly among the host of significant conquests, one victory ‘does not a dynasty create’. David lived a life filled with wisdom as well as acts of courage. David’s wisdom is the foundation of this book, particularly five gems of exceptional truth and understanding. Extracted from the sentiment of his own heartache and trials are true riches. These are five treasures so profound that they established the golden age of Israel, revered and celebrated to this day. David defines for us a model of leadership that goes far beyond the classic posturing found in contemporary business literature. As economic systems reel under the force of turbulent times and uncertain financial storms, BOOK



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