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As I was watching the daughters of God “getting up on their feet again,” I saw in the very core of them, the Lion of Judah ROARING. I felt the Lord say: "Within many ferocious battles that My daughters have faced in this season, where the enemy has been roaring at them — in the fire, in the wrestle, in the intensity and onslaught — they have found Me, and they have found the ROAR of My authority and victory. They have found the ROAR that I have placed WITHIN THEM. They have found My ROAR over them that has been awakening them to their true identity, to My goodness and My destiny for their lives. They have found Me and they are beginning to hear My ROAR, louder than ever, that is awakening them to the reality of how powerful they are in Me, in ALL SPHERES of influence I have placed them in: and the lies and captivity of the mind, heart and soul are SUDDENLY falling off. In the intensity of the battle, there has been an incredible accelerated deliverance taking place. The chains that have held My daughters for years, the chains that have come through the generations, SUDDENLY are breaking off.

There has been incredible intensity of battle, but here has been INCREDIBLE deliverance, healing and positioning taking place. Many of My daughters don’t even realise it, but in the midst of some of their greatest battles in this season, I have used it as the very place of their GREATEST PREPARATION and their LABOUR ROOM. Their very place of battle that was screaming death at them and that they weren’t going to make it, is the very BIRTHING ROOM of their destiny being released, their identity manifesting and their ROAR BEING RESTORED.” “I am raising up My daughters together in unity, My daughters, the juggernauts, in Me. Unstoppable IN ME! No longer will you be held back, but you are being empowered and strengthened as UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!” JUGGERNAUT: a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force. (Google) MY DAUGHTERS ARE RISING UP WITH A ROAR OF FIRE, FLYING LIKE FLAMES BECAUSE OF MY WORD WITH 20/20 VISION “My daughters are now rising up free from the slavery and bondage that has SO held them. They are rising up into a new level of FREEDOM that is already theirs. They are rising up into a new level of HEALING that is already theirs. They are rising up AWAKENED to My ROAR OVER THEM and My ROAR THROUGH THEM. The warrior within them is being awakened and displayed in many different ways through their lives, but there is one common theme. There is a ROAR OF FIRE that is being released from within them in this awakening that is sending them flying like flames of fire into the enemies camp to burn up his plans and schemes. They are flying like flames of fire because of My Word within them, and they are burning up the assignments of the enemy against them and those around them and in the cities and nations of the world. They are going into areas where the enemy has set up camp and they are releasing the ROAR that I have placed within them: the ROAR they found in the battle, the ROAR they found in the wrestle and they are RELEASING IT into those areas where the enemy has set up camp; and MY FIRE is falling, My presence is shifting atmospheres, igniting breakthrough, bringing healing and ACTIVATING BREAKTHROUGH and DESTINY POINTS. The enemy has set up camp attempting to cover up many strategic breakthrough and destiny points, and My daughters are rising up now in greater ways than ever with EYES OF FIRE to SEE where these breakthrough and destiny points are strategically placed that the enemy attempted to hide.” I then heard the Lord speaking directly to His daughters: “My daughters, in the battle the enemy was screaming, “you are going blind, you cannot see what God is doing,” when the truth is, IN THE FIRE I was giving you greater discernment and insight and you were being given greater levels of vision. 20/20 vision was being given to you in the fire and you didn’t even realise it. You will see now that as I am sending you into those strategic points — the very area the enemy was trying to blind you — you will now see that you have been given 20/20 vision and authority in that area.” “You are going in like flames of fire with My Word, and the foundations of the enemy’s camp are being burnt up and the ACTIVATION taking place. These strategic breakthrough and destiny points in the lives of individuals, in churches, in families, in cities, in nations, will suddenly erupt with My fire, unlike anything that has ever been seen before as the DECREE OF MY DAUGHTERS is released.” WATCH MY DAUGHTERS GATHER THE SPOILS AND BE POSITIONED WITH A GREATER INCREASE OF INFLUENCE OVERNIGHT “Watch My daughters gather the spoils. Watch My daughters gather the spoils. There is going to be a significant demonstration of the GATHERING OF THE SPOILS in this season as My daughters are being raised up with COURAGE and FEARLESSNESS like they have never experienced before and taking back all that the enemy has stolen. They are beginning to take back what the enemy has stolen in their lives but there is a whole other level of positioning upon My daughters taking place right now. Watch and see as I position My daughters in places of incredible influence OVERNIGHT in this season. Watch how My favour is falling upon the lives of My daughters living surrendered. In this radical release of My favour over My daughters in this season, their influence will radically increase suddenly. I will increase the influence and there will be ripple effects of breakthrough and portals for encounter and revelation opening up EVERYWHERE THEY GO. They will be releasing and carrying the supernatural language of My Spirit and My heart, their mouths filled with the right words at the right time wherever they go, and hearts will be drawn to me. Destiny within hearts will be awakened, and people will experience My Glory wherever they go. I will manifest Myself so purely and so beautifully through My daughters, and many of My daughters will be used in the world to shift the belief system that many in the world have about Me and who I am. These ones are being raised up and sent out with such specific revelation of My heart and prophetic insight — that will suddenly come upon them — that they will carry the words that turn people TOWARDS ME rather than AWAY from Me where in times past the Church’s language has not accurately represented My heart.” UNDERCOVER SPECIALISTS, REVIVALISTS AND NEW ASSIGNMENTS I then had a vision where I saw the Lord giving many of His daughters in this season “new jackets” and on the back of these jackets it said the words, “UNDERCOVER SPECIALISTS, REVIVALISTS AND NEW ASSIGNMENTS,” and on the cuff of each of these jackets, in gold engraving, it had the word “MARKETPLACE.” The knowing came to me straight away that two things were taking place: 1. He was releasing many of His daughters now into the marketplace in this season that hadn’t been there before. 2. He was releasing NEW ASSIGNMENTS to those already in the marketplace. I then heard Him say: “There is significant increase of My fire, My anointing and My favour upon My daughters already in the marketplace and others now going in. There are new assignments being released upon them, and they are moving into these new assignments with greater favour and influence than they have ever had. The time is upon the Church right now, where My daughters are being raised up, and in their positions in the marketplace I have sent them in as undercover specialists. An increase of the revivalist anointing like that of Kathryn Kuhlman and Maria Woodworth-Etter is going to begin to be seen in the marketplace unlike anything that has ever been seen before. Signs and wonders will follow you, My daughters, unlike anything you have ever seen. A MAJOR healing and revival fire wave of My Spirit is about to be released in SIGNIFICANT INCREASE in the marketplace through My daughters where MANY shall come to know Me. Many shall come to a place of deep intimacy with Me, many will be healed; a MAJOR healing wave of My Spirit is about to crash into the marketplace in a way that has never been seen through My daughters that are being positioned. They are carrying the fire of My love and they will be well received — door upon door, upon door opening for them. They will stand in places they could have never got themselves to, as I position them in the marketplace to see the fire of My presence released, and oh, the glorious shifts that shall take place. They are moving into this increase with great angelic protection and they have been well prepared for such a time as this. Whether they feel like they know what they are doing or not, all I ask of them is for them to “open their mouth and I will fill it." I never send My people in unprepared. Many of My daughters are about to step into these overnight shifts and new assignments in the marketplace, which may seem daunting, but when they step in, oh the joy and awe they shall receive, of how I have prepared them without them even realising. Wave upon wave, upon wave of transformation, healing and salvation is about to radically increase in the marketplace through My daughters.” FIRE ON STAY AT HOME MOTHERS I saw specifically the fire of God falling upon “stay at home mothers” in this season. I saw the enemy has really come against “stay at home mothers” in this season, with his whispers lying to them that what they are doing at home is not important, it is not as powerful as other women who are out doing “world changing things” for the Kingdom etc. I felt the Lord say: “Fire is coming upon your hearts, My beautiful daughters, who are giving your lives to be at home with your children. My fire is falling upon your hearts right now to awaken you in greater ways to the reality and truth that YOU ARE CHANGING THE WORLD IN YOUR LIVING ROOM, RAISING WORLD CHANGERS. I am releasing fire on your heart to receive this truth, and on your eyes to SEE this truth. In the next few months, you will have greater dreams and visions of the impact you are making, the future of your children, their destiny and calling, and how you are changing the world this very day through your beautiful mothering of the children I have given you. I will use you to bring greater revival than you have ever seen in your community, releasing My fire to other mothers and seeing them awakened. Wave upon wave, upon wave of salvation and awakening.” I then heard the words, “Stay at home mothers get ready to WRITE” and I saw a supernatural grace and acceleration coming upon you in little moments to empower you to write. God has something He wants to say through you and scribe angels are landing at your house. You will have greater supernatural energy and grace to WRITE what God is wanting to release through you. It’s not one or the other. Where you have felt you have not had time or space, NEW GRACE is coming upon you to catch a WHOLE NEW FLOW. Get ready, get ready, it’s coming! FROM BUSYNESS TO BUSINESS — MOTHERS, A WHOLE NEW ENTREPRENEURIAL ANOINTING IS COMING UPON YOU!!!

Lana Vawser

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