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'Come Taste And See' Yolanda Ballard

The Lord says, taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who keeps his eyes on Me and follows Me wherever I might lead. I want to take you to places you have never been in Me where you are able to feast deeply upon the truths that you need and desire to have.

I have those places in My word that will bring you nourishment and strength and take you to where you need to be in Me to have strong faith, where you will never waver in doubt or unbelief.

No matter what you may face in life you will stand strong with head set like flint against the evil one with immovable faith.

Taste and see that I am a good God and I want to take you to exciting places and give you the abundant life that I have promised you to have but you must step out and take it. You must get out into the world and find Me leading you to those who need Me.

I want to show you signs, wonders, and miracles as you step out in faith laying your hands upon the sick and watching them recover.

Yes, I want to take you to those places in Me you have never been. I want to reveal Myself to you. I want you to really know Me intimately. I want to reveal to you deep secrets of My heart.

Taste and see that I am good and that I love you and want you to experience My love not just know about it. Many are like those that are one the outside looking in and not really experiencing My love.

I want to take you deep into the recesses of My heart where you can bathe in My love, where you can swim in My love, and frolic and play in My love. I want you to enjoy Me, experience Me to the fullest measure.

Yes, taste and see that I am good. Love Me, enjoy Me, walk and talk with Me. I didn’t just come to save you. I have come that you may savor Me, enjoy Me to the fullest measure, says your Lord and King.

Yolanda Ballard


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