'Call To Arms' Dr. Billie Reagan Deck

Call to arms!  Holy spirit waking me up the fourth watch for this entire year actually since November 2 19. Spiritual sons Robert and Victor also awake for downloads during the fourth watch daily.

    Psalm 91 and 23 daily declarations. Nightly confessing “A wall of fire around me and my family. The blood of Jesus over us. Station the angels all around us. Cover our houses and lands bank accounts, vehicles. The word of God in effect and His promises established . The cross finished work activated.”

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Want to share how I see 2 chronicles 7:14-15

If My people

Who are called by My name


Humble themselves


Seek my face

Turn from wicked ways


I will

Hear from heaven 

Forgive their sins

 Heal their land

My Eyes open

My ears open

To the prayers 

In this place

16  for NOW

I have chosen and

Sanctified this house


My name shall be there


My eyes and

My heart shall be there



The Word of the Lord.

Who will believe with Solomon’s conversation with the Creator and Sustainer of all things?

Let the dew of His Presence calm and bring you  the peace that Christ left us John 14.

May the Love of God cast out all fear and His peace rule and reign in Christ Jesus. Amen.


Billie Reagan Deck




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