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Beware— or Rather— Be Aware! Kathi Pelton

The past few days I have picked up in my spirit what seems to be an assignment sent to divide relationships. It’s not something I’m aware of in the natural but I keep picking up on a stirring of agitation, differences of opinions and confusion that robs peace and unity.

Often the Lord will allow “feelers” or those with prophetic sensitivity to pick up on something unseen as a warning to beware or rather BE AWARE! Be aware if you begin to feel agitated at someone, be aware of moments of offense and deal with them quickly, be aware of the loss of peace that can draw you into chaos and concussion and be aware of your flesh!

We can take every thought and reaction to thoughts and feelings captive with the help of Holy Spirit. But don’t let your thoughts wander or take you down paths that have thorns and thieves.

Often when the enemy is losing ground he will revert to his “same ole tricks” that create chaos, confusion and criticism. He hates peace, joy and love therefore he is always sending demons to disrupt and disturb these amazing and powerful fruits of the Spirit.

It often comes out of left field and if you have not trained your soul to “catch these little foxes” they will spoil the fruit. So be aware of these little foxes that create big havoc.

“Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.” Song of Solomon 2:15

I have seen first love being rekindled in the hearts of God’s people and that love is turning hearts to one another as well. We must protect the tender love that is blossoming on the vines at this time. Watch over your heart, your mind and your love carefully— and pray for God’s people to “catch the foxes” and let the blossoms become fruit on the vine of the Father’s vineyard.

Be aware and guard your hearts Beloved!

Kathi Pelton



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