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'Betrayal' Tracey Mitchell

We have all experienced the stinging backlash of betrayal. Living in a culture that emphases self-importance guarantees we will encounter the bitter blows of those who will uncaringly trample on our dreams in an effort to fulfill their own.

The question is not whether we will have a sideswipe or two with betrayal. The question is, will those glancing blows be substantial enough to cheat us out of our purpose?

Will maltreatment from someone you once considered a loyal confident strip away all sense of security and trust? How far down river will the tide of disloyalty drag us? Will it be satisfied to distance us from our dreams or will it capsize them altogether?

Will we casually hand over the keys to our calling or will we gather ourselves and fight for our future?

Maybe only you know the heart-racing answers to those questions. What I have learned is we have the power to decide whether betrayal becomes a lesson or turns lethal. Allow the pit to lead you to the palace and the Judas in your life be a sign that promotion is around the corner.

Remember, your emotions will imprison you or release you into a joy-filled future. Let betrayal go and cross over into a peaceful place.

Tracey Mitchell


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