'Becoming An Ambassador' Dr Theresa Phillips

Being an Ambassador take an APPOINTMENT For The King

As we knwo the kingdom is suffering a wicked violence.

From the maham we see in the streets. Churches burning and now desolate

Kingdom dwellers shut up in their homes.

The forcing of abandoning fellowship.

The making of apostasy!

Stopping the laying on of hands..

You know what I am saying.

Yet, God is raising up Ambassadors who will have the Dialect.

The Composure.

The Directives and The Presence to go forth in this hour to release MANDATES that will gather believers to assemble in one accord. To Preserve The Kingdom and EXPAND IT!

These Ambassadors will have the ears of many in Civil leadership and well as Religious leadership.

These two ephers are about to collide.

The Faith Mountain and The Government Mountain will have an Encounter of a Unique Kind.

As in the past many eader sought our spiritual help

But in these days many have forsaken the seeking of Spiritual help due to the restrictions of assembly.

I've heard from God And its time to Release these Ambassadors Says the Lord.

Ambassadors are not a thought or a buzz word.

They are Appointed by His Majesty of the King.

Many people have been appointed and don't know it

Many people often call themselves and Ambassador but don't know what it is.

Lets search out matters of the Moment in the Presence of Majesty.


Sent to be the Voice of Diplomacy.

God is releasing New language.

New Directives.

And New Voices that will be heard by the people.

Matt 11:12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force

Dear friend let us hold fast to the Appointment God has set in us from the beginning of our conception.

Are You ready to obtain the king's ear and be sent?

Dr Theresa Phillips



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