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Beauty Tips For Women..Yadibeth

More Than Makeup

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Yadibeth Rodriguez; Edited by: Laura Prather

Makeup is an extremely popular topic in society yet it is surprising how many women still shy away from it. Truth be told, most ladies I’ve talked to – even ones that always look so put together – feel like they don’t know what they are doing and are intimated with makeup. I confess that my drawer of brushes, eye color, powders, and creams make me feel woefully inept. My face never looks like I imagine it should. Most days as I’m doing my best to get my makeup (face) to look like a magazine cover, I feel as if I’m more like a kindergartner unsuccessfully trying to stay in the lines! Then there are times when I wonder what’s the point? Why should I even wear it? That’s why I’m excited about today’s post. Yadibeth shares a bit about her story and then provides us insight and tips regarding makeup by reminding us that it is more than makeup. Just as in every area of our lives, anything we want to do well, no matter what it is – it all starts with our mindset. -Laura, Editor YADIBETH’S STORY My story includes circumstances that, in general, aren’t all that different from many other women’s stories but in the midst of living out our story, God teaches each of us very different lessons. As someone who loves makeup and fashion, and being in the beauty industry for over a decade, God used my interests and talents in makeup and beauty to reveal wonderful truths to my heart as well as encouragement, giving advice, bringing joy, and even bringing healing to other women I would meet along the way. Ultimately, it became clear to me that my calling, and my love for beauty, was more than makeup! About 4 years ago I went through a divorce and at the same time, I start working at a food place for a short season. During that hardest time in my life, having 2 boys and no family nearby, I had every right to feel sorry for myself. It was so tempting to allow how I felt on the inside to dictate how I looked on the outside. However, I chose to do the opposite. Choking down the worry and stress of the moment, I became intentional in how presented myself on the outside, always arriving at work looking my best, hair on-point, and my makeup well-applied. Why did I do this? It wasn’t to pretend to be something I wasn’t or to hide, it was because I represent God, my family, and even – myself. I was determined to not let my current situation drag me down, nor did I want to get caught up in self-pity. You know, you are an example to others because people are always looking at you. What you project is very important. You become an inspiration to others. There were people I met during that time who would be surprised when they learned what I was going through. They’d comment, “Whoa! If you hadn’t said anything, I would never have guessed you were going through that.

You always look so nice and happy.” My job at that time was as a cashier and it was always very busy at lunchtime. Yet, my appearance put people at ease and gave me the opportunity to talk to customers. I gave advice and met families that are still my friends. Repeat customers blessed me with presents and many times would wait in my line just because they wanted me to attend to them. These moments brought joy to me during difficult days. I had so much fun and was so blessed! As I mentioned, I had been in the beauty industry with most of that time focused on bridal clients. During all these years I had the privilege to work with different types of women. It was something I enjoyed and looked forward to every day. As you can imagine, I received many questions and requests for makeup suggestions over the years. At the same time, I encountered other women who didn’t know what they wanted or liked, and still some that were intimidated by makeup. A lot of my clients that I worked with had never worn makeup at all! Many women see makeup as something fake and not natural. They avoid it because they don’t feel confident inside.

Yadibeth is a freelance makeup artist in the Chicago area. God has blessed her with her husband, Christian, and her three son ages 1.5 to 17. For Yadibeth, God and family are the most important treasures in life. Follow Yadibeth on Instagram!


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