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'A Spiritual Wake-Up Call for America in 2024' Cindy Jacobs

Is it time for a spiritual wake-up call?

According to Cindy Jacobs, the decisions that America makes now will affect our future following this critical election year.

“God began to speak to me that we are in a season of war,” Jacobs said in a message at MorningStar Ministries.

As Jacobs wrote down what the Lord was speaking to her, she saw how critical the role of the future president would be during a coming wartime. “And I wrote, For the United States in September, ‘A war president must be elected. Depending on who the president is will determine how the nation fares.

It will survive either way, but it will be greatly diminished if a wartime president is not elected.'”

This means that all of us, Christians included, must use true discernment about who to elect using not only our physical understanding of things, but also our spiritual understanding of how the Lord wants to direct the pathway of our nation.

Not only is a spiritual, keen eye necessary for making sure that the right person comes into power, but Jacobs says that a shaking from God himself is coming for the Republican party.

“And I wrote this down that God was going to shake the Republican party,” Jacobs said. “And it was going to be a huge shaking, and it’s still shaking…we have to understand that there are times that God has to choose different people and the Lord spoke to me that we have got to be spiritual activists.”

What does it mean to be a spiritual activist?

“In other words, we have to be intelligent.

We have to pray with information. We have to be informed reformers and informed intercessors,” Jacobs said.

Just as we see the wars and rumors of wars happening in the physical realm, it is in the spiritual realm that we also must start preparing for.

As we inch closer to the end times, and continue to pivot to the Lord’s return, this is the time for us to spiritually strengthen ourselves for all that will be thrown at us from the enemy.

“And the Lord says ‘I need a wartime president and I need wartime intercessors, and I need war colleges…I am going to raise up an army,’ says the Lord. ‘There will be days and days of travail and crying out to God.’ And the Lord says, ‘As you release this, I will bring the revival.'”

When we think of politics, we typically don’t think of things of the spirit.

Likewise, when we think about the spirit we rarely think about politics.

Yet, without the Holy Spirit’s power, we cannot expect things to shift in the natural. We are living in an urgent time where believers are to rise up as spiritual warriors if we desire to see change in the spiritual and natural landscapes. There cannot and will not be change without the righteous coming before the King.

Cindy Jacobs



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