'An American Apology To The Great I Am' Kathi Pelton

We live in a glorious land filled with rocky mountains, green valleys, rolling hills and blooming deserts. We have beautiful diversity in our people, places and languages. We have known the freedom of speech, the freedom to worship and freedom to make personal choices. How blessed we have been. Our pledge of allegiance declares that we are “One Nation Under God” and our currency reads “In God We Trust”…but America— we have divided our nation from the One we claimed to love. God has looked for those who will stand in the gap of this great divide to pray– to repent– to turn back and to bow low.

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Here we are! Forgive us Lord. Forgive us for trading— Mercy for mammon Grace for greed Freedom for captivity Trust for tyranny Unity for division And- love for hate. It is said that “United we stand, divided we fall” We are falling, oh God! We have divided from you and now freedom is falling, liberty is lacking and unity is unseen. Our divided history has resurfaced, the secret societies have been revealed and the hidden agendas are now exposed for all to see. We are naked, we are cold and we need you! God have mercy! Those who still call upon your name, who put their trust in you and who know that you are our only hope now bow down. We bow down in sorrow, we bow down in worship, we bow down in repentance and we bow down in prayer. We humble ourselves before the you— the great I Am. Unless the Lord builds a house then all is vanity— forgive us for the vain and the profane.

You are the only foundation that stands— therefore, we bow down and declare to the foundations of America, “Come back to the Rock that is higher than you! Return to the One who died for you!” We bow low that you may be lifted high. Higher than our mountains, higher than our might, higher than our lofty thoughts. We declare, “Not by our might, not by our power but only by your Spirit shall we be saved!” Forgive us for turning away from truth, turning from the one true way, turning from peace, turning from blessing, turning away from covenant and turning away from you. We stand in the gap as representatives of this nation called the United States of America and we turn back to you! We declare that we are one nation under God and that our trust is in you alone. We declare true liberty from the captivity of sin for all. We declare your justice for every person of every color. We bridge the great divide with our repentance and our declaration of allegiance to you! We love your Word, we love your ways and we surrender all to you today. Jesus, you are our King, our Lord, our Savior and our God. In you we trust and in you we put our confident hope. We run to you. Forgive us, heal us and unite us in the oneness that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit share and have given to us. The blood of Jesus speaks a better word! God Bless America— the land that we love. Stand beside us and guide us through the night with the light from above. Amen!

Kathi Pelton jkpelton@sbcglobal.net



Our Guest Is Dr. Cheryl Ann Needham

Dr. Cheryl-Ann Needham is a speaker, prophetic consultant, and author of Sound Alignment 2.0. She is the founder of Be the Remnant, a ministry dedicated to preparing the Bride to walk in boldness and power for the return of Christ. As a prophetic consultant since 2008, God has used her to save her clients over $50 million from bad decisions through accurate prophetic direction, word of knowledge, and word of wisdom. Cheryl-Ann has a PhD in entrepreneurship, an MEd in Organizational Development and is an ordained minister. REGISTER



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