'Allow Yourself To Adapt' Taffie Beisecker

I received this word from the Lord about a year ago and although it stirred me at the time He quickened it into my spirit, it seems quite fitting for the time we are in now.

This week signals the close of one season - which has been quite a long season of preparation for many - and the start of a new season. In this new season we will see many new doors opening. Some of these doors are ones we have prayed for, for a long time. These doors are answered prayer but do not be shocked that when the doors open they will not look exactly the way we had imagined they'd open up to be, nor the manner in which they were made opened, as well as, the expression of what they prove to be like. For in this season we will see a change in how we effectively accomplish what we are mandated to. We will also see & feel the shift in our calling(s). This is all good, merely different from the former season. I hear the Lord saying, "allow yourself to adapt easily to the new process and quickly make peace with the adjustments to your normal routine of ways and dimensional activities. Change is not bad. It is progress, growth and depth. Freedom rings when you allow Kingdom frequency to prevail. Distractions here, distractions there, distractions everywhere is the name of the game of the enemy. Stay focused. The enemy has no power to distract if you do not give it to him through attention. He is an attention seeker. The enemy desires your vision to behold him and your thoughts to dwell upon him. Simply turn your back. What is not before you, does not hold your attention.

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You are entering into a season of being more aware than ever before of the vastness of how free you are to actively function (live continuously) in My Kingdom realm, laws, principles and power which is 'being'. You are stepping into a new season. A season that is new for you but has always existed. A season of discovering Me as you've never known Me so deeply as you are about to. A season of discovering who I truly am within you and how I am and always have been within you - and who that makes you to be. A season of realizing the limitless boundaries you abide in when you are of My Kingdom nature, culture & mindset. Time is limitless. Your space has no boundaries. Your resources for Kingdom movement is ever flowing in abundance. You are beginning and maturing this season into the fullness of My freedom. No chains. No boundaries. No strongholds of the mind holding you back from living in My Kingdom. Allow the door to close behind you. For that's where the former season is now - behind you. As you see the new door(s) open before you - step through joyously - for through this entrance there is everything new that I have given to you in this hour for this season. One- two- three- Step forward and buckle up as you ride on the fast moving suddenlies of this time!" Blessings, Taffie Beisecker

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