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New World Order’s ‘designed global collapse!

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

International elites are 'hoping we just throw up our hands and run off to the countryside' so they can have full control of the cities and then 'march on the countryside … and dig us out,' the InfoWars founder said.

(LifeSiteNews) — Two men the American mainstream media have relentlessly attacked for years sat down for a riveting conversation this week to discuss the New World Order.

On Thursday, Tucker Carlson welcomed InfoWars founder Alex Jones to his X show for the first time.

“This is a breaking of our will, a demoralization … this designed global collapse,” Jones told an enraptured Carlson. International elites are “hoping we just throw up our hands and run off to the countryside” so they can have full control of the cities and then “march on the countryside … and dig us out.”


Jones and Carlson’s frank conversation explored the schemes they believe are being implemented by the world’s governing elite. Topics discussed included depopulation, immigration, cyber warfare, censorship, racism, fake food, and the possibility that Donald Trump and Joe Biden may be assassinated.

“The Deep State does kill people. And that’s their only next move,” Jones ominously predicted.

Jones also warned that a possible nationwide power outage or a “massive Jihadi attack in America” could be “the way to bring in Martial Law” and cancel the 2024 presidential election. “The sky is the limit,” he exclaimed.

Jones has been banned on X since 2018. The platform, then under the leadership of Jack Dorsey and heavily controlled by the FBI, removed him after he confronted left-wing CNN reporter Oliver Darcy on Capitol Hill for his biased reporting about InfoWars.

Current X CEO Elon Musk has stated that he is open to reinstating Jones. On X this week, Musk said he will watch the interview with Carlson in order to “hear him out.”

During the conversation, Carlson repeatedly expressed astonishment over the fact that he largely agrees with Jones, especially in light of past remarks he made about September 11th. Jones told Carlson that he simply reads the documents and watches the conferences globalist institutions produce in order to make his many claims.

“When the first world collapses, the third world dies. And what’s left of them floods us. And so, the earth is being put into a countdown collapse right now,” Jones said. “They are waging war against civilization and society to make us poor, to put us under siege, and to cut off our energy — make the cost of living impossible — to break our old system to bring in something even worse.”

Jones further argued that “the last group they don’t control is rural people.” So the global class will “have to demolish the cultures and societies that were here before and bring in the next phase, a high-tech, cashless society, robot-drone controlled nightmare.”

Carlson asked Jones if being in the news business is difficult given the toll it can have on a person. Jones told Carlson that being so plugged in has been difficult, and that he wanted to just write books and move to the country with his family, but that he often prays and reflects on death, which keeps him humble and able to do what he does.

“Globalists are so scared of death, they have all this money, all this power, all this control, they’re obsessed with finding life in technology, merging with machines. That’s their new religion. That’s trans-humanism,” he said. They are “so lost” and yet they “project their hatred of themselves onto us.”

“Death is the great equalizer,” Jones also said. “You will get old … no matter how powerful you are you’re not in control, and that tunes you into God.”

Carlson replied by stating that he agrees completely with Jones’ assessment. Carlson added that whenever you see “people drunk on their own power, overstating their control over things, becoming convinced they’re God,” they end up “being destroyed … it’s a law [of mankind].”

Carlson and Jones also discussed media censorship and the influence the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center has over advertisers to curb freedom of speech. The pair also discussed Israel, Hamas, and other Middle Eastern affairs, with Jones ultimately arguing that immigrants are being flooded into the United States to destroy white Christian culture.

“This globalist Great Reset, New World Order takeover, post-industrial world — cut off the resource, 90% forced depopulation, breaking civilization by design, massive wars, famine. They’ve already cut off a third of the fertilizer in the last year worldwide.” They “want to bring the world population down to 500 million.”

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