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'About Revival' Kathie Walters

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Many people ask me about revival, and different people have different views about what a revival actually is

Just some people believe a revival. There’s a huge building with a big-stage with a big worship team a good preacher and lot of healing and salvation.

To me that is a great evangelistic meeting. But not what I call a revuval. Some people have extended, prayer meetings, and worship where their is. A peaceful. presence.

Many leaders and pastors are hungry. Love God and want God to manifest himself, but they have a fear of letting go and letting God take over, especially if they begin to see things they may be have not seen before.

To really allow God to take over you must be able to trust and listen to the Holy Spirit when you see things you’re not familiar with, because God often does many things you would not have seen before.

He is always speaking but not in the way you are used to. You have to know the holy spirit well to get that witness in your spirit about what is happening.

I have been in a lot of moves of the spirit, but there was one in the beginning that was very powerful.

There was no pulpit that wasn’t a “Front” there wasn’t a Worship band.

People came in the presence of the Lord and God used whom he pleased. It was like an orchestra conductor who conducted the various instruments at will. People yielded to the promptings and moving of the spirits as they felt his touch.

There were songs, prophecies, to tongues and interpretations, visions ,words of knowledge z delight and Joy, and laughter, there was Prayer and sometimes unusual things . Sometimes the Holy Spirit did things we had never seen before, but we stayed connected to the spirit of god. He was by showing you’He was in charge. 30% off whole Store

People were saved, healed, delivered, full of joy, and wonder, but for everyone As for elders, just sat with the people and the musicians also among the people and if anyone had a song.

THey, just put it in the right key.

Sometimes the presence of God was so strong that people never made it into the meeting. They would be laying in the streets outside until somebody helped them in.

Learn to yield, and listen to holy spirit, trust him, listen to the anointing

Within you it is exciting.

Kathie Walters


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