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“IT’S TIME FOR MIGRATION!” I heard the Lord say at the beginning of October and the authority of his words like a hear change in the heavens. Something had dramatically changed but what? Many have been prophesying about the beginning of a new era starting the Jewish new year 5780 and I felt it. But what was the shift? I believe it was the shift from the long season of transition into a new era and a new day of movement and movements! We have entered the time of GLOBAL migration! 


In biology migration is the term used to describe animals such as birds that travel from one physical location to another according to the seasons. Human migration however refers to the movement of people from one location to another for the purpose of conquest and colonisation. But what is the difference between the season you were in to now? 

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In transition God was focussed on removing you from old patterns, methods, ways of doing and thinking, old assignments and mantles, severing old ties and cycles, healing wounds and trauma, installing new identity, awakening new authority, and preparing you for the promised land and “new thing” you have known was coming. 

Migration however is the next phase of the process where God spiritually and physically moves you into position to inhabit and occupy what He has promised you. Migration is where you wave goodbye to the past limitations and begin to walk in new freedom and authority you haven’t known. It’s where where you begin to walk in your new anointing, new mantle, and new sphere of influence. Migration is where you step into your new role and office and begin to function differently, operate differently, Dream differently, and think differently. Migration is where the long awaited promises begin to piece together and shift in your favor because it’s the time of birthing and manifestation after a long season of pushing. This Is where you get to POSSESS the promised land not just talk about it. This is where you get to seize the land, pursue the dream, and occupy the new territory God has given you! 


There are so many who are physically migrating right now whether it’s just regional, state, or international It’s all come in response to your cry for the nations and your governmental call to shift and disciple nations. 

Just recently God showed me a vision of empty seats and imposters in seats of power around the globe. These were seats God was moving his people into to occupy what hadn’t been stewarded and to evict the imposters from the seats of power. There are cities and nations with your name on them readying themselves for your arrival to shake it for the king of glory and usher in revival. 


Just as the Israelites stood at the border of the wilderness and Canaan(the promised land) after 40 years in waiting so now are we all standing at the precipice of a new day.... finally. The difficulty is that many have been in that waiting for so long that It’s become kinda the norm right? Maybe you don’t even feel any change at all and can’t see any way forward, and that was the challenge the Israelites faced too. Egypt took a while to break off them.. they were born into slavery, but now it was the waiting that had slowly infiltrated their vision and view of the future. 

Many have been in their waiting, exile season for so long that when It’s finally time to go it can be daunting to. God finally gives you the green light and next steps to take and you freeze in fear and strangely grasping for the safety of the waiting season as limiting as it is. You have now outgrown the environment you have been in and it’s time to move whatever that looks like for you because it will no longer be conducive to your destiny to stay there. When we outstay our welcome and plant our feet deeper out of fear the natural outcome is frustration and bitterness. We begin to blame God for feeling like we missed out while others are thriving when we are the ones that put on the brakes. The breakthrough you have been wanting to see, the fulfilment you have been wanting to experience is dependant on you moving onwards despite not understanding what you are moving into. Trust Him that it’s going to be better than you think! 


The other difficulty many face when migrating is their grief to let go of the place, people, and old season behind them. Recently we were praying with friends who are in a physical relocation migration season when I looked at my friend and said the strangest thing “You need to forgive the land. It was a hard place to be and there was much warfare attached to being there and constant closed doors, but now you have finished well” She then replied “What is hard is letting go of what we thought was meant to happen here in this season, the unfinished and unfulfilled dreams” 

Maybe you can relate. Maybe the place, role, assignment, or mandate you have had has been a very difficult one and even though you can feel God moving you on it’s been difficult to let go of your own expectations or the feeling of failure you have been carrying. It’s time to forgive the season, let go, and move on. Jesus told

His disciples to wipe the dust off their feet and move on and now it’s time for you to do the same. As you do you will suddenly find the fresh joy you need to fully embrace the new season you are in. 


At the beginning of October I had a dream 

where I was standing at a car dealership and I handed in my car and keys to the representative and then waited in the delivery room. After what felt like a while the representative drove a car right up to me, stepped out, and handed me the keys to my new car. To be honest I looked at the car and was a little suprised, it was a convertible car that seemed like it was constructed of many different shapes and models of vehicles old and new. The representative seeing my hesitation said “Nate, just hop in and check out it’s advanced features”. So I sat in the car and  was in awe of the incredibly advanced technology features this car had. I knew right away this car would be able to do more and go further than the previous car and possibly even the car I would have chosen. 

Migration is not always a physical relocation, but the activation and ignition of a mantle or assignment that is already there, or the upgrade of one vehicle(ministry) to another. Many right now are being upgraded or have already been upgraded but just didn’t expect the car to look like it does, but trust that Gods design is far better than your own and it’s now time to turn on the engine and see what the new upgrade can do. 

Many ministries and businesses have to reassess their vision and approach in the coming months because we have to adapt to what God is doing. We have to join his slipstream and not just expect we can keep going business as usual. Innovation is needed for us to move with the new wave that us upon us and we need to ask God for the new strategies and ideas of heaven to help us flow with it. 


There is still no map in migration, just raw and blind faith and a hunger to go where His presence leads. As I was asking the Lord about this He says to me “I don’t give orders, I provide the opportunity to move in faith”. This made me think, how much of the direction pray simply drops within the context of faith jumps and adventure with God. Of course we want our ducks to be in a row but He just wants to know if we will begin to move regardless of what we see and what obstacles are around us. What speaks to us louder? 

There is a Holy Ghost slipstream in this migration where If we make HIM the main attraction above the destination WE WILL NOT MISS A THING! So many have been couped up in exile for so long they have lost their adventure and wonder and RIGHT NOW God is giving it back! 


As I’m typing out this word I am sensing that the Holy Ghost is doing a heart work in people reading it. The Lord is saying to those who are struggling to embrace the new season of migration and moving forward that He knows you have been weary for a long time but He is right now refreshing you body, mind, and soul, and giving you new wings to fly. In Isaiah 40:31 it says;

“but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint” 

When Monarch butterflies migrate they actually grow bigger wings in the process. What looks like it should wear them down only increases their size, and in the same way God is using this migrating season to increase you and enlarge you. You have only known the weariness but not the soaring, the battling but not the breakthrough but now God is not only migrating you in the natural but He is migrating you in the spirit to a higher altitude! 


I had to stop writing halfway through this word because I heard the Lord say something that wrecked me. He said “Tell them not to delay because their family is waiting”. I’m not sure what that means to you but I know that in this transition one of the biggest areas God has been shifting is our own personal families but also in the relationships we are in. God has heard the cry of a people longing to find their tribe and He is bringing them to you in this season. Right now many have already been through very painful situations as God has been purging and defining relationships and alignments so those we have around us can withstand the depth God is taking us. Migration has meant an even greater sudden end to connections and this has been hard but you need to know that God has family waiting for you to GO, to make the necessary shift from one place/location to another, one assignment to another, and/or one community and people to another. 

Pray with me “Lord we give you this season of migration and we ask you to guide and lead us and give us wisdom to know where to go and how to do walk out this season well. I let go of what is behind me and fully embrace the adventure ahead of me in Jesus name!

Nate Johnston

Contact: info@nateandchristy.co



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