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'A Word for the Prophetic Pioneers' Charlie Shamp

I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, "In the depths of the wilderness, where the winds howl and the path seems obscured, I, the Lord, speak unto you. Hear My voice, for it carries the power to ignite your spirit and guide your steps.

"Know this, pioneers, that the wilderness is not a place of abandonment or punishment. It is a sacred training ground, a crucible of refinement, where your faith shall be tested and your character shall be molded. Embrace the challenges that lie ahead, for they are the stepping stones that shall lead you to the fulfillment of My promises.

"As you journey through the untamed wilderness, do not be dismayed by the obstacles that obstruct your path. For in your weakness, My strength shall be made perfect. I shall be your guiding light, illuminating the way through the darkest nights and the most treacherous terrains.

"In the wilderness, you shall learn to rely not on your own understanding, but on the whispers of My Spirit that shall guide your every decision. Trust in My provision, for I shall provide manna from Heaven and water from the rock to sustain you in the harshest of conditions.

"Though the wilderness may seem desolate and barren, it is in this very place that I shall reveal hidden treasures and unveil the depths of My glory. Open your eyes, pioneers, for signs and wonders shall accompany your journey. Miracles shall unfold before your very eyes as I part the seas and make a way where there seems to be no way.

"Do not be discouraged by the length of the wilderness season, for it is but a fleeting moment compared to the eternity of the promised land that awaits you. Your perseverance shall be rewarded, and your faith shall be vindicated.

"So, rise up, pioneers of the wilderness! Embrace the challenges, for they are the catalysts of your transformation. Trust in My guidance, for I shall lead you to the land flowing with milk and honey. Your pioneering spirit shall inspire generations to come, as they witness the faithfulness of their God in your journey.

"Go forth with courage in your hearts and determination in your steps. The promised land awaits, and I, your Father, shall be with you every step of the way."

A Word for the War Eagles

Prophetic word released on November 21, 2023:

The Spirit of the Lord would say, "I have heard your cries, the piercing shrieks of the war eagles. I have witnessed your fatigue, your weariness from the relentless battles you've waged. But now, I beckon you to a fresh chapter, a season of divine encounters in the realm of glory.

"I am unveiling new portals for you, gateways of destiny that respond to the sound of your voice. These doors will not open by your strength or power, but to My Spirit. You will echo My words, My promises, and you will witness them materialize. (Photo via Pixabay)

"Do not let your heart be troubled by the trials you've endured. They have been the furnace that forged you for this new season. They have fortified your faith and deepened your reliance on Me.

"I am summoning you to ascend, to glide on wings like eagles. I am inviting you to step into My presence, to experience My glory. In My presence, you will discover rest for your soul. You will find the victory cry for your voyage. You will gain the wisdom for the choices you must make.

"So come, step into the realm of glory. Echo My words. Proclaim your destiny. And watch as I unveil new portals for you, doors that no man can seal.

"Remember, I am your constant companion. I will never abandon you. I am your fortress and your shield, your ever-present aid in times of distress. Place your trust in Me, and you will witness My glory."

Charlie Shamp Destiny Encounters

This word was first published on Elijah List


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