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'A Petition of Repentance, Restoration and Rebuilding' Kathi Pelton

The Lord has been speaking to me out of Daniel 9 regarding repentance, restoration and rebuilding. He asked me to inscribe a petition based on this chapter to bring before Him and pray throughout the month of September. This petition is for our households, our sons and daughters, our cities and our nations. The one penned below I specifically wrote for the United States (my nation) as I prepare to travel through our original thirteen colonies with Lamplighter Ministries on the “Turn The Storm” tour. But this can easily be adapted for your city or nation. We feel that God has highlighted Fall 2022 as a significant time therefore, we will enter September with daily communion, prayer and fasting and bringing this petition before the Lord. I encourage you to do the same as we finish the Hebrew year and enter into the Biblical new year at the end of September (25th-27th). Petition of Repentance, Restoration and Rebuilding— Daniel 9 “Yahweh, we humbly bring forth a petition based on Your faithful covenant with Your people— those called by Your name and who fear Your name.

We have sinned, done wrong, acted wickedly, rebelled and turned away from Your commands and ordnances. We have not listened to Your servants the prophets. We repent and ask forgiveness for the roots of rebellion in our forefathers, in our land, in our leaders, in our people and in our lives. Public shame has come upon us before the nations of the earth. Public shame has come upon our leaders and fathers because we sinned against You. But compassion and forgiveness belong to our God, though we have rebelled against You. We have not obeyed Your voice by following Your instructions that You set before us by Your servants— the prophets. We have broken Your law, created unholy laws, called good evil and evil good, turned away and refused to obey You. We now petition You for mercy, even as we confess that judgement is deserved. We ask that You would would remove the curse that our sins have brought upon us, upon our leaders and upon our land. We petition You to turn away the pending disaster that your servants the prophets have seen coming— a disaster like none we have seen before. Hear our repentance as we turn from our iniquity and listen, once again to Your truth. Lord, in keeping with Your righteous acts that have gone before us, May Your anger and wrath be turned away from America. Our sin has made us an object of ridicule but now may Your righteousness, forgiveness and compassion make us an object of Your great mercy. Show Your favor to this desolate land for Your sake. We present our petition before You, not based on our righteous acts but based on Your abundant compassion. Lord hear! Lord forgive! Lord listen and act. Rescue and save us— and our sons and daughters from disaster and judgement. Our God, for Your own sake, do not delay for we are Your people who are called by Your name. We now petition that You would issue our decree to restore and rebuild America as one nation under God. Turn our nation around so that the hearts of the people return to You— and our sons and daughters are saved. Amen” It is time to TURN THE STORM!

Kathi Pelton

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