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A Personal Spiritual Plan Dr Dave Yarnes

Similar to other areas of life, I highly recommend developing a customized personal spiritual plan. Without clear focus, priority and intentionality, this can be the first area to be neglected. Life is busy and filled with distraction. Don’t get so caught up in the cares, worries, and business of life that you fail to develop this important component.

Your plan could include a daily time of quiet reflection on God and His divine attributes, a time of truthful conversation in prayer, or a time of journaling your progress and understandings. You might develop a list of activities you feel divinely inspired to participate in or you could set aside time for helping others. A spiritual plan can help you overcome anxiety and give your life new purpose. Whether you have been a long-time practitioner of these or similar activities, or this is your first time, through this process there comes a response to our pursuit: we call to God and He answers. Whether through divine intervention, a peaceful inner voice, miraculous circumstance or a small, ever-increasing sense of His presence, He responds and guides. Your mind and spirit are interconnected, and both are nourished by what you focus on. Every day, your mind is filled with something, whether you consciously choose it or not. You are either selecting the content and actively controlling your thoughts or you’re allowing your mind to be overrun by outside influences. It is important to take the time to consider your thoughts and learn to manage what fills your mind and affects your spirit.

There are several views of managing the mind, and some of these practices are detrimental. One negative example is mind emptying, which is a concept at the root of many occult practices. I don’t believe chasing out negatives and blanking out our minds is a helpful process. I do, however, believe that you are responsible for all actions related to the control center of your thought-life. You should never abdicate control of your mind, will, or emotions. If you do, it is a starting point for disorienting thoughts. An empty mind without self-management can have negative side effects such as confusion, fear and disorientation. The ENCOUNTER RETURNS REGISTER HERE

Without strengthening the mind by actively filling it, the control and volition of the mind begins to weaken through neglect, or even simply through indulging in too much media or entertainment. God gave you sovereignty over your mind. Spiritual betterment of the mind is a process of actively filling it with right thoughts—as opposed to passive entertainment or blanking it out for the sake of a mystical spiritual experience. This is a critical differentiation. God Bless, Dave Yarnes

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