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A Line Has Been Drawn ... Dr Chuck Pierce

A Line Has Been Drawn!

How Will You Step Over in 2022? We are living in a time of increasing polarization. With the growing dichotomy of good and evil, we must understand God’s covenant in the midst of conflict. The Lord has been speaking to me about “lines in the sand” and how we will advance this spring when the warfare will be intense. Join us this Sunday at 9 AM CST when I minister on “A Line Has Been Drawn … How Will You Step Over?” Daniel and Amber Pierce will also be speaking into this season, a time when we cannot remain passive. Finding Your Place of Faith! This is a time the Lord is calling us to come up! We must not only see from a higher place, but pray from our position of authority. In A Time to Triumph, I wrote a section on how to intercede as war issues intensify. Allow this excerpt to help you find your place of faith! (Through January 19, you can purchase this book for only $9, regularly $15.) In the season ahead, our prayer lives will become more authoritative. What will happen once you pray is that Holy Spirit will bring down certain judgments and start dealing with injustices. People entwined in their emotions with groups and situations that the Holy Spirit is addressing will either find a way of escape from the situation or be dealt with along with the corporate group. Do not be over merciful and back down. Prayer works by faith, and faith works by love. You will then have to let God deal with the situation. Upheavals and overturnings are part of the season ahead. You will simply have to say with confidence, Lord, you sent me there to pray. I did. I will trust that You will work all this together for good, in both the tares and the wheat, and bring forth the harvest. Stay hidden in your abiding place, but also know when to come out. Know when to speak and when to be quiet. Prophesy! You war with your prophetic word. This is a prophecy for you to use in warring and watching; pray, decree, and use this like a sword:

Watch carefully. Go where I send you. Do not go in your own strength, for it is I that is sending you forth. I am mobilizing you. I am giving you the strength to rise up. Go where I send you. Do not be frightened by what you hear. Do not back up just because giants seem near. Stand firm, for I am going before you. Just go with Me and say, “I have been sent to receive this blessing.” I can part what is unpartable. I can cause that which would not let go to now come apart so you can pass through. This is a time of showing. I plan on showing you what you are looking for. Do not back up, for the show is ready to begin! The show is ready to begin! Therefore, find your seat in Me and get ready to watch the manifestation that you have been asking Me about. Your seat and your position have already been prepared for you. Come up! Through your worship, rise up and be seated with Me. Together we will decree into your atmosphere and change your condition. Come up, be seated and watch that area around you in the earth realm be filled with My presence. Come into a new place with Me. Join Me in a new way. I have blessings of which you know not that I long to pour out over you. I have been looking for a group. I have been looking for the ones to anoint now. There is an anointing that I am bringing down from heaven so you can stand as one and break through the barrier that the enemy has erected. I am coming in now! I am coming into your life in new ways. I am breaking that which has been around you. I am causing you to feel My presence in new ways. I am causing you to be favored in new ways. I am breaking through the blood barrier in your brain. You thought that knowledge could get through, but I have got to break that blood barrier where the iniquitous flow from prior generations continues to have the right to operate. I will cause you to come alive and see what I would see. I am breaking through a blood barrier! I am breaking through a blood barrier! What has been filed and cataloged is now coming alive. I am going to reverse some Alzheimer’s. I am going to reverse some dementia. I am changing some things. I am going to reverse stuttering. I am going to reverse dyslexia. I am breaking through the blood barrier in your brain. My presence can penetrate. I will reveal My glory. I am coming to reveal so I can break open the seal that has closed up what you have been looking for. I am neutralizing your chromosomes from iniquitous patterns. Let My glory penetrate! Let My glory penetrate! I am breaking your insecurity barrier. I am uncovering the treasure that you have been. I am uprooting what has been buried deep and causing you to flower and blossom forth in a new way. Let Me uproot! Let Me uproot! Prayer: Father, You are going to start unlocking things in dreams and visions. You are going to start decoding revelations. Lead us back to pray one more time at certain places that have already been prayed at and where demons have been addressed. But this time, make the structure holding what is captive in a region to fall. Reveal the history and records of where others have gone before and how they have prayed. Let us find these portals to “bring down” and align heaven. Let us be known as the “tipping point” agent that tipped the bowl of incense into the earth!

~~~~~ End

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