'A Great Shift Coming' Taffie Beisecker

The Spirit of the Lord says, "There is a great shifting coming. There's a shift in the political arena, there's a shift in the land. There is even a shift in the ocean's tide coming and, in My people. You will experience a shifting. A shifting unlike what you have experienced prior to this is coming to My people. And I have spoken to you before of the prosperity and the wealth. And I speak to you today, receive My words, for My words go forth as life. Receive what I say to you that there is a shifting of the wealth of this world coming to My people and I say to you there shall be no more nickel and diming it. The world's centers are about to take on a new look and My influence will be coming to the world's centers. This economy that has seemed out of control and un-proportioned is about to take on a new look for I am placing My people in the market places, for I am placing My people in the place of the businesses, for I am placing My people as the head and the shifting is coming. Not only the shifting but also the sifting and you will see those things that have been as lumps in the batter being sifted out because they do not belong there and they cannot remain when My people step into those places. There is a sifting and a removal of those things that have been as lumps. Within the next ten years there will be many more changes, more changes than what you can imagine within the course of the next ten years. There is a discovery being made concerning oxidation and when this has taken place and is manufactured and brought to the markets, there will be a great boost in the automobile industry. There will be many who are linked in, that will have a link in somehow with this boost in the automobile industry, and they will prosper greatly. Many connections for many different people and places that are divine connections to bring in wealth and prosperity. It will be used for the Lord's Kingdom. I have My hand upon it"

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​The Lord shows me a tunnel. A big tunnel, and in this tunnel there are people. It is very dark in the tunnel and the people are searching for the way out.  They are searching for the light. They are trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak and they are searching for this. There is a frustration because the people feel like they are not getting anywhere. They can't seem to find the end of the tunnel where the light is. But what the Lord shows me is that where it seems to these people that they have a long way to go to reach the light, that actually they are very near to the end of the tunnel but the door has not yet been made open. They only have just a few more feet to go but they don't see the light because the door isn't opened. The door isn't opened yet because timing has not come in. When they reach the end of the tunnel (and in the perfect timing), just like one of those automatic door openers, when they step onto that place at the end of the tunnel, the door will open and the light will be revealed. "Hear My words" ,says the Spirit of the Lord, "Do not despair and do not let frustration turn you back the other way. For what you presently see you do not see in it's entirety. Endure My people, for the wait is not much longer. Many of the body of Christ will soon be receiving angelic visitations. The Lord is sending His angelic messengers to speak words of truth and instruction to His people. "This is surely a time of a great shifting" ,says the Lord. "In the days ahead you will see much more supernatural activity, supernatural provision, supernatural release and deliverance. Deliverance from your present situations, deliverance from those things that have entrapped you and caused you to not move forward, deliverance from the circumstances., because the shifting is here." I hear the Lord saying,"There will even be a rumbling beneath the feet of many. Now is the time of My release. Focus your eyes upon Me. Let your face be set as flint and determine that your course is to draw nearer and nearer and nearer to Me. For My children, I want you so near that you can feel My breath upon you, (so near) that you can feel My breath upon your face. Surely, it is good to dwell in the house of the Lord! 

Taffie Beisecker




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