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'A Divine Pause' Barbara Yoder

I believe that we are in a divine pause. Caught between what has been and what is about to unfold. That means we can’t quite find what our heart is reaching for.

We can’t quite find what or where the new is. We search for the “sound”, hear great words—sounds, yet none of them are the “sound” we’re listening for. It feels like we are in a type of limbo. (One phase of transition). Something has ended and we can’t quite see the new beginning.

We look around to see if there’s someone carrying the “message” that sets our hearts afire. Yet no one seems to have that piece that finishes the puzzle to where we are stalled.

That doesn’t mean that anybody is wrong or off. It simply means that final piece hasn’t yet been unveiled.

We are entering the End-time apostolic age. It has begun to dribble in. Yet it’s only a dribble. And what we do see is not fully it. The apostolic age is that which was demonstrated by the New Testament church birthed on the day of Pentecost.

To birth that movement, a critical mass of people required an overpowering encounter which both transformed and reformed them for the rolling out of the new.

Historically, there has always been a fullness of time. That fullness of time is when God releases both the revelation and action necessary to fully unveil and transition into His “now” time. The “fullness of time” is marked by a monumental event that captures our attention and spirit. Until then we are in the waiting room, positioned for the visible emergence of what’s been being formed in “secret”.

There is great anticipation, expectation. It requires a few who see it, know that it’s coming, and will wait out the process, persevering to the breaking out event.

Barbara Yoder

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