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'A Call To Intimacy' Yolanda Ballard

If an individual had a deep and trusting relationship with the Lord Jesus, he would not need anything. He would not need to strive for money, health, freedom, or relationships. He would have everything needed in Jesus.

He would have His strength, His wisdom and knowledge to guide him. Most of all he would have the security of His love.

Taste and see that the Lord is so good. His mercies endure forever. His goodness is overwhelmingly beneficial to all who believe that He will be with them for all eternity.

Reach out and touch the hem of His garment and be instantly healed in the Spirit. Sometimes walking out the manifestation takes time, but this time transforms you into His image. The fire purges out all the dross causing your faith to be pure as gold.

He is changing the way we see Him drawing us deeper into His intimate presence. We are to see Him as our Lover, the One we would give our life for. He received the strength to take our punishment for sin because of His great love for us flowing from His father’s heart. Yes, our Heavenly Father loves us so much as much as He loves His own Son that He gave up for us all.

Receive Him deeper into your heart. He wants to commune with you. He wants to speak deep mysteries to you. He wants to give you divine strategies against the enemy.

He wants to raise you up a worship warrior and He wants to roar through you. The lost are desperate to hear that heart cry He is releasing. Let it be you that releases it this final hour.

Yolanda Ballard

Great Book By Dr Renny McLean


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