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A Breaking Up and Blooming! Positioned for Outpouring and Harvest!' Chuck Pierce

A Breaking Up and Blooming! Positioned for Outpouring and Harvest! I am so grateful for how the Spirit of the Lord communicates through this portal. During worship, the Lord showed me land where the dirt was compacted. It had all sorts of seeds, but was very hard. That is such a picture of what happens to our land … our heart and our mind. The cares of the world get it compacted. Circumstances we go through cause it to become compacted. However, the Lord is cracking and breaking up our fallow ground. This is a time to declare our land is breaking up and will bring forth new crops! John Dickson added that his dad had worked in the dry, sandy deserts of Saudi Arabia, and said that during the rare times when it rained, the desert bloomed. The seeds were all compacted down into the sand but with just a little bit of rain, they all blossomed. Ask Holy Spirit to begin to come down and rain on those compacted areas in your dry land. No matter how long the seeds have been lying there in that hard place, or how compacted they may be, Holy Spirit can breathe on it and bring forth new life!

The Spirit of God is saying, “You’ve sown many seeds and in the past they’ve been flooded away. But now there is a rooting that is going to take place and come forth – accomplishing a multiplication in your life. Get ready … those seeds were washed, but they have gathered in certain places, and it will surprise you how your harvest starts coming up in a new way.” --- Pour Out and Release Rain to Others! --- “I Am now asking you to open the floodgates of heaven within you and allow it to rain on the land. Will you fully open up your heart and spirit and be generous, pour out, and open the floodgates of heaven so the earth can drink, and the earth can bloom? So the land can be fruitful and the land can be harvested? I Am sending you out this week as rainmakers. The rain I send inside of you as you let Me penetrate your fallow ground, you will carry to others. You will be a quickening agent for the seeds. Ask Me to throw open the floodgates of heaven that keep you constrained and restrained. I can send you into every dry place and let My rain come! Speak out of the abundance of My rain and be the rainmakers that release rain to others!” (LeAnn Squier, Anne Tate) --- A Divine Repositioning for Harvest! --- Daniel Arenas, our Beulah Acres Agroforest & Community Garden Project Manager, wrote and shared the following: When rain hits hard ground, water runs off and ends up carrying seeds that collected there to a different location. They stop at pockets, crevices or against rocks and ravines…. that creates confusion since there is not enough space for germination and seeds are crowded together, competing for soil nutrients. Sometimes there is not enough sun light to warm them up and awaken germination. You have to recollect those seeds and replant them in better soil. Then when it rains, water stays in place and conducts soil nutrients to supply and provide what that seed needs to sprout. When soil cracks open, mostly it’s because the ground is too hard. But those cracks will allow organic matter (nutrients) to replenish the soil and when it rains, water softens the ground from inside out, from the deepest layers in the soil horizon. Then you will have nutritious soil, with plenty of water, and when seeds germinate and sprout, they will have access to everything they need to grow! That creates good soil quality so when you plant those seeds again, with proper spacing and time, they can grow with plenty of room – not just to sprout, but also to grow, multiply and prosper, bear fruit and generate more seeds for the next seasons ahead! The Lord says, “My people have been fighting a fight without the right strategy -- just planting and irrigating by their understanding. Stop and don’t resist when I crack open your hearts. I will pour down My living water in those cracks, and it will cause your heart to be renewed from the inside out. When you call back the lost seeds from the past, I will show you how, where and when to replant them in a way that you will see germination. This will excite you to pursue the promise I have for those seeds. Growth will occur, and perpetuate in time and preparation for the harvest I have planned, with plenty of room to expand and provide surplus for the days ahead. “I have given you the strategy: be the tree planted by the water that will bear fruit and give shelter. Your roots will be so deep that not even the turmoil of the world will shake you and uproot you out of place. The glory is Mine and I have given you the strategy to prosper in My fields!”

Chuck Pierce



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