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'7 Mountain Mandate ' Johnny Enlow

So I asked the Lord, “Why is this all taking so long?”. In my spirit, I heard Him say, "I gave you 15 years to do your part in awakening My Church to the priority assignment outside the four walls of the church. Now I am doing MY part in their awakening by allowing the flames of evil to touch them a little closer than what is comfortable.

The 7 Mountain message was and is in fact a MANDATE and not a curious option for those who just can't be still until the rapture. I return when assignments are finished not when My sleepy people decide. You can not finish what you will not even start. The assignment is Kingdom Demonstration in every mountain of every nation. My ways of doing everything must be learned and then taught in the 7 Mountains of Media, Economy, Government, Education, Arts and Entertainment, Family as well as in the Church on the Mountain of Religion. I have heard my church’s cry for an Awakening for decades.

Mainly they thought that meant good meetings somewhere. Now I am demanding from My church an Awakening to My priorities. If I say the whole earth is going to be filled with people knowing about the glory of My ways on earth, then it does not please me to have My people only crying out that heaven be further populated.

My objectives are much greater.

If I only wanted heaven populated then I should just allow Lucifer to kill you as part of his doomed for failure “global reset”. However, if I am still interested in My Kingdom ways being demonstrated on earth as it is in heaven, I need My church Awake and in agreement with My Mandate. My message hasn’t changed, “You are the light of the world”, “You are the salt of the earth". You must from now on TARGET darkness in your society. That is what an Ekklesia does. Enough with the doctrines that permit you to excuse yourself from My Kingdom Mandate. I did not say “Speculate until I return”, I said “Occupy until I return”. “Occupy" is a military term. Doctrinally-induced sleep and escapism has made My Church almost irrelevant compared to what I made her to be. My love is much more aggressive and passionate than most of My Church wants to carry. I have held Myself back from your quick rescue at this difficult time as I am thinking of your children, and their children, and their children’s children.

You will awaken, you will make the shift, you will arise and shine. Future generations will praise you for your response at this time so do not be surprised that the first part of this awakening is so intense and so painful. We are almost there. The pain is for the awakening. The awakening is for your children. It is in fact all about the children and I am on it with My part and need you to join Me with your part. I see you coming. Let’s accelerate the celebration stage together."

Johnny Enlow


This Luscious Duo ... Yes you can sense the GLORY


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