'A New Breed Of Prophet Is Coming' Nancy Slocum


This Prophetess is exotic because she will stand out. She will have a silver tongue and when she speaks people will sit up and take notice. They will listen to her streamlined words that will be like apples of gold fitly spoken at the right time. They will be like arrows from my divine quiver and they will go where I desire them to go and they will hit the mark for My plans and purposes. Her eyes are almond-shaped and reminiscent of the budding of Aaron’s rod. Read that passage and I will tell you more. Like almonds that are pleasant tasting, so will her words be, because they will resonate in people’s hearts. And they will be very palatable. Perhaps surprising, because they will stretch people, but they will also know they come from a divine source and people will trust them.

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Her cheekbones are high and stately and so is her posture. In other words, her positioning and posturing will be sure and confident, and there will be no doubt about where she stands and who she stands for, that is to say, the side of righteousness. Her high cheekbones also reflect her source is from on high and it will cause people to pay attention and to apply the truth of her words to their own lives. Because of it, things will shift and change for the better. Her lips are well-defined and a fountain of wisdom will pour out of them. Wisdom that people cannot and will not ignore, because they are otherworldly and sent for such a time as this. This is a new and outstanding breed of Prophets rising on the horizon that will speak the oracles of God that people cannot deny. If and when they do discount her words of wisdom, it will be at their own risk and peril. Her silver tongue will be like that of a clear sounding heavenly trumpet whether sounding an alarm, issuing a warning, releasing a clarion call, giving clear direction and strategies to follow, or giving encouragement, edification, and comfort. Whatever the case may be, her words will be of an elevated clarity and consistency. They will be trustworthy, for she will be speaking words of wisdom from the King to His people, His subjects who obey and follow Him. This new breed of Prophets and prophetic voices will be marked by earth, wind, water, and fire! The accuracy of their words will cover the earth like the grains of sand and as the waters that cover the sea. They will go far and wide as they declare and decree the edicts of the Lord Most High. They will be words to be reckoned with and obeyed if the people have ears to hear, take, and apply to their lives. They will do this if they recognize these words as God's Word and if they know what's good and right for them to follow in order to prosper. Like winds from the north, south, east, and the west, these words coming from this new breed of Prophets will blow like the winds of change that will touch and transform and bring in the new thing. They will also move things into the right places and positions to establish the kingdom way of God. These winds of change and words of wisdom are carving out, mapping new directions and destinies, and taking dominion, as God originally intended them to do before the foundation of the world. These words from the Prophets will also be marked by living water that will flow like streams of living water that will refresh and renew the people. They will quench their deep hunger and desire for the truth of God's Word, His holiness, and His righteousness.It's a completely new and different move of God than ever before in intensity and duration. The last thing these coming Prophets will be noticeably marked by is fire! It will be like the fire of Holy Spirit on Pentecost in the Upper Room - only greater! This time it will complete the finished work of God before Jesus returns! This time the words will burn with such an intensity and heat that’s exponentially stronger and hotter than the fire in the fiery furnace with the three Hebrew boys in the presence of Jesus! The hearts and words of these Prophets will be cleansed and purified like never before. They will burn with such holy fire from the Throne Room of heaven! They will hit the bull's-eye and complete the work in these last of the last days to bring in the greatest harvest of souls ever known to man! One last thing… As you see this exotic woman standing on the infinite grains of sand with her dark hair covered in a white silk scarf that is blowing in the wind, take it as a sign of what is coming - as wisdom herself cries out to every tongue, tribe, and nation, “The King is coming back soon. Prepare the way of the Lord. Be ready. Look up, for your redemption draws nigh!” Selah.

In the Father’s heart,

Nancy Slocum A pen in God’s hand giving Love a voice

You are blessed for God’s full intention over your life to be manifested!

PS –More on the almond-shaped eyes of the Prophetess that are reminiscent of the budding of Aaron’s rod…

God told me He would tell me more if I read that passage (Numbers 17). These are just a few points He highlighted to me. You can do your own further study.

It was a miracle of God that a piece of dead wood not only sprouted, but also put forth buds, produced blossoms, and yielded ripe almonds! Aaron’s rod was the only rod that sprouted and produced fruit – ripe almonds. From this we can see that some parts of the rod were in bud, others in bloom, and others had fruited. This implies fruit from a godly leader may come in all different stages. From this what also comes to me is that we all prophesy in part, so we must be discerning about what we hear to know if it is of God or not. We must also honor each other in the body of Christ as well as honor each other’s part of prophecy they give to get the whole picture!

It was clear in the Bible that Aaron was God’s chosen priest, and the nation was required to recognize it. To remind the children of Israel that God had chosen a priesthood and nothing would change that, God said to Moses, “Place Aaron’s staff permanently before the Ark of the Covenant to serve as a warning to rebels. This should put an end to their complaints against me and prevent any further deaths.” Numbers 17:10.

Just as God chose a Priest and a Priesthood, He also chose Prophets and put them into place to be recognized, honored, and heeded. This new breed of Prophets is coming forth just like the budding of Aaron’s rod!

Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets. Amos 3:7 NKJV.


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