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Launching In January I don't know if any of you have been in this PLACE. Defining your role in life Or deciding to embrace the transition you are in? Personally, I've been exploring different avenues a long time Before Chicago Prophetic Voice/ Now Global Prophetic Voice I owned a magazine online called Daysmen Press.

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I still do It's always been my passion to hear different voices and visit different regions in life... I am considering Reopening Daysmen Press and am looking for volunteer writers. Categories will include 12 sections of the online magazine #1 Faith #2 Business #3 Education #4 Media = News headlines #5 Arts and Entertainment #6 Government #7 Family # 8 Special Interests Including Prophecy World of Interesting People Etc #9 Personal Stories If you are interested in helping me start this adventure

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Daysmen@aol.com Thank you Theresa Phillips



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