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The United States of America has been chosen by God to be a City on a Hill shining forth the light, love, and truth of God that He has made a way of salvation for every person to have a living relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus, and for this truth to reach every nation of the world.

Darkness has tried to destroy this great nation, America; however, her mandate has not been fully completed, and so with the election of President Donald J. Trump in 2016, God has been using Him and his administration to turn America back to her God-given destiny.

As dark forces of evil would seek to destroy America--the land of the free--God is awakening His watchman and intercessors to stand in the gap and see her enemies defeated.

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This past Saturday evening after about an hour of sleep, I was awakened suddenly and felt an urgency to begin praying whereupon I heard the voice of the Lord say, “A national tragedy is being planned against your nation over the July 4th weekend so that instead of “celebration” there would be “national mourning” as a group of people want to destroy the Trump Presidency.”

Please join with other watchman, intercessors, and believers in praying that all plans, plots, schemes, against our President and nation will be exposed, thwarted, destroyed, and completely obliterated in Jesus’ mighty name and through His blood and pray for reinforcement of additional protection upon our President, His family, administration, White House, Capitol buildings, airports, air force and military bases throughout our nation, especially over the July 4th weekend.

Join me in praying: “Father God, we come to you in the Mighty Name of Jesus and decree and declare that all plans, plots, schemes of death

and destruction against our President, his family, his administration, the White House, Capitol buildings, airports, air force and military bases throughout our nation will be exposed before they can come into fruition, and rendered null and void. We call forth the warring angels of God to come forth and begin to do battle against those who would seek to carry forth such evil crimes and pray the fear of God to fall upon all those who would seek to carry out such plans. Lord, I ask that you alert all those serving in our protective services to our President, family, administration, and nation of any such plans to carry out death and destruction and cause our nation harm in any way, we ask this in the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen!!


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