'Change In The Wind' Judy Bauman


“While many will say these are times of great peril, it is not unique for the day. Think of days gone by that were times of trouble for mankind. Like ocean waves, humans will rise and fall, come in and go out, push and pull at one another. Violence begets violence until violence is taken over by My love and peace.

“The media is in for a big change. Just as the Grackles (birds) tear up your feeders, the media makes a lot of noise that disturbs the airways. They trouble the people, and many are consumed in the process. The house of cards they’ve built to prop themselves up is coming down.

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“Pray for those caught in the web of lies to be set free so that they see their ‘news sources’ for the liars that they are and TURN and follow Me. They need to hear the GOOD NEWS! Remember, I have called what many refer to as millennials, The Turnaround Generation. They need hope. They need the freedom that comes from salvation and deliverance. Pray that they will have not just individual but corporate deliverance.” ~ Abba

I pray this blesses you. There is another word He gave shortly after this about the day and hour we are in that I hope to get out soon.

In the Father’s love,


Judy A Bauman


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