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'Its Go Time' Nate Johnston

In the last week I’ve been consumed by a recurring theme the Lord keeps speaking to me about which is that we are in a moment of time where God is DE-COMMISSIONING and COMMISSIONING the people of God. There has been such an increased angelic activity to both decloak the old, mantle the body of Christ with the new, as well as distributing a fresh UNCTION and OIL, and a fresh FIRE and fuel to run forward.


For days I kept seeing the same vision over and over of a green lighting flashing that then turned solid green and I heard the lord say “TELL THEM IT’S GO TIME!” and I felt such a commissioning presence in His voice and a POWER that was literally LAUNCHING people in this season who are carrying KEY and SIGNIFICANT kingdom expressions, projects, ministries, and creativity that would be catalysts for the rest of the body of Christ.

The word “GO” kept being illuminated in my spirit and the passage where Jesus commissions the disciples in Mark 16:15. The word “Go” in Greek is “poreuomai” which means “to transport, move something from one destination to another, to go or depart, and comes from the word “poros” which is a passageway to journey through. God is commissioning us with a GO that is drawing out what we carry so we can distribute it.

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This is especially significant for those who have felt almost restrained from putting their foot on the accelerator in the past few months as if the timing wasn’t right to launch and release in certain areas. There has been many shifting and moving parts and components that have needed to align and many in the next few weeks and leading into June will not just feel a PERMISSION to release but also a CLARITY as if suddenly all the pieces connected and made sense. This is where the dots begin to connect and the road is more defined than it has in months passed. God is activating the MOVEMENT that you are carrying and saying that it’s time for you to RUN with it!


Many are going to give birth to movements and ministries they didn’t even know they carried at all. “This will be the baby you didn’t expect!” I heard the Holy Spirit say. So many have been walking around like spiritually barren Hannah’s not even knowing they are carrying the prophetic promise to their generation. I prophesy that your barren winter season HAS ENDED and just when you thought your days of dreaming and birthing were done God is going to birth something through you that you didn’t see coming and others won’t be able to comprehend why God would give you such honor and favor.

I also felt this was speaking into the nations right now where things have looked bleak, that God was birthing an UNEXPECTED move of God that wouldn’t come the same way we have seen it come in years past that would AWAKEN, ACTIVATE, and ARM the church into action. God is reviving revival-carriers in the earth and igniting torch bearers that have lost their flame. I sensed such a strong “call-back” to posts long forgotten and those who have fallen along the way restored. Even as the conversation on life in the womb continues to spread and laws and governmental decisions are being made I’m hearing that God is going to do the unexpected. Things are swinging back to life!

Prepare for the unexpected church because God is going to reveal himself more and more to the world in the days to come.


I kept seeing an “ON AIR” glowing sign like you would see in a tv or radio studio and I sensed that there was a birthing of many new media focussed ministries that weren’t going be more white noise on the airwaves or in social media platforms but were anointed to DISRUPT the noise with an ERUPTION of Gods GLORY. God is commissioning people in this hour to give their lives to being the light in media and restore truth and exalt the name of Jesus. Media apostles are arising that will be innovators to build kingdom platforms and creative outlets for the kingdom to shine its light even brighter. Many reading this right now have been been in a tug of war over this because you know you have truth to release but you are seeing beyond the confines and limitations of current platforms. “BUILD with me, DREAM with me!” Says the lord.

I also felt that the “On Air” sign was indicative of this season of TAKING BACK THE AIR for the kingdom. It was a prophetic sign and public declaration of this season that the enemy may have had the media airwaves for a long time but now the SONS and DAUGHTERS are ON AIR and things are changing!


I had a dream last week I was at a carnival and the same situation repeated itself. Firstly I was on a carousel that didn’t seem to ever stop and I wanted to get off. It didn’t feel fun or exciting in fact I felt nauseous and frightened because I felt like I was missing out on something else. Suddenly I was in a room of crazy mirrors that were distorting what I looked like and I was lost in this confusing, unsettling maze unable to find the exit. The next morning the Lord said to me that there was an ending and severing of an assignment to trap and delay people from entering their promise. It was an assignment of the enemy to lure and divert, distort, and trap people in a cycle they felt unable to move on from. Such a spirit of confusion has been in people that they haven’t been able to discern truth and even lost their identity in the process. I command that demonic assignment ENDED in Jesus name!


Many of you are feeling the uncomfortable decommissioning of old assignments and alignments but Holy Spirit has been highlighting a specific de-commissioning happening in the spirit right now.

Many of you have been surrounded by opposing voices that don’t want you to move forward. They are the STOP-LIGHTS in your life that have continually held you back by showing up at every turn to make sure you never rise up higher and never see the fulfilment of dreams. You can’t be surrounded by those voices moving forward because YOUR VOICE, YOUR EXPRESSION is too valuable to be shut down and faded out. God is bringing exposure to the assignments and alignments that keep zapping your strength and taking the wind out of your sails. Instead God wants to surround you with family who are safe to grow with, dream with, and show your pearls to without fear of them being trampled.

Watch as God severs these unequally yoked ties and gives you back your passion and ferocity you felt you lost in the past season living under the weight of people’s words and control. Remember you don’t wrestle flesh and blood but you can’t keep allowing the enemy to steal your voice through these relational avenues. God is JEALOUSLY calling you out of bondage to usurping and disabling agendas that only leave you empty, passionless and your voice silenced. I prophesy YOUR ROAR IS COMING BACK!


I was talking to the Lord yesterday morning when he highlights a scripture to me from Revelation 10:5-7;

“Then the mighty angel whom I saw astride the sea and the land raised his right hand to heaven and swore an oath by him who lives for an eternity of eternities, the Creator of heaven and earth and sea and all that is in them: No more delay! For in the day when the seventh angel is to sound his trumpet, the mystery of God will be fulfilled, just as he announced to his servants the prophets”

As I read this scripture I felt an incredible presence of the Lord in my room as a strong sense that the Lord was dealing with delay on being able to MOVE FORWARD in this season. Many people are pushing hard and trying their best to get ahead and be good stewards of their prophetic words but feel like there is little to no fruit showing for their efforts. Like the cogs seem to be moving slower than expected. BUT I believe God is COMMISSIONING the delay that has been against you and your promises.

I prophesy that this is your GREEN LIGHT, NO DELAY season of UNEXPECTED BIRTHING, RELEASING, FLOWING with the Spirit, and RUNNING forward. The ending of disabling voices and influences, the season of a NEW SONG arising, the AMPLIFICATION of your voice, and the RESTORATION of clarity, purpose, and JOY in Jesus name!

Nate Johnston

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