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Exciting Times Are on the Horizon

Recently, God dropped a fresh and powerful revelation into my spirit regarding the power of good news to travel at the speed of light and accomplish far more than our human minds can comprehend. I am more firmly convinced than ever that one of the most exciting times we have ever seen in the earth is on the horizon.

"...the rejects of this world have been in bondage to the prince of this world. But God is speaking now, saying that He will bring about a dramatic and quick deliverance from demonic bondages."

Prominent prophets are declaring the imminent manifestation of a huge wave of revival. Others call it another Great Awakening in America and around the world, along with an incredible transfer of wealth from the heathen to God's Kingdom to fund this great harvest of souls. Many believe this powerful wave of God's glory has already begun, and we can see signposts and previews in various places.

God has revealed some secrets in His Word that demonstrate a powerful truth related to sudden waves of revival. In addition, we do have many examples from modern history of culture-shaking revivals in places like Scotland, Wales, the Hebrides, and Indonesia, to name a few. I've personally been blessed to witness some wonderful moves of God in Canada, Florida, Argentina, Mozambique, India and South Korea, but I believe they will pale in importance and impact when compared to what is on the horizon.

The Story of Four Lepers

God spoke clearly and prophetically to me in 2 Kings 7:1-20. It's the story of the devastating famine in the Israeli city of Samaria. The Syrian army surrounded the city and blockaded their food supply. This famine was so severe that some mothers were eating their own babies. The main characters in this drama were four starving lepers who found food in the Syrian army's camp. God had frightened the army into a hasty retreat, leaving both food and great wealth behind. Let's look quickly at how this applies to the coming revival and the great transfer of wealth.

First of all, the prophet Elisha made a radical declaration, saying that within 24 hours, the price of food was going to plummet like a roller coaster's first big drop. An officer of the king of Israel questioned his sanity, saying that even if God opened the windows of Heaven, could that be? Elisha promptly told him that he would witness it, but not partake of it. Elisha represents the prophets today who are proclaiming the abundance of miracle manifestations, producing an enormous harvest of souls for the King of kings.

Another player in this drama is the king of Israel in Samaria. He had no answer for the devastating famine, and blamed everything on Elisha, threatening to take his life. This king was not walking with God and represents earthly politicians who have forsaken the godly foundations that they have inherited. They have no answers to the huge problems their people face, but they pass the blame onto the people of God, who try to restore the nation to the ways of God.

Next, we have the four lepers, men with physical defects, who were forced to live outside the camp. They were also starving, but in their desperation, they decided to visit the camp of the enemy to see if they would be shown any mercy. It was better to take the chance of being killed by the Syrians than to die the slow death of starvation.

But God had made a move that nobody expected. He had created a sound like the thundering of a thousand hooves that convinced the Syrian soldiers that the Egyptians and Hittites had been hired to fight them. Being unprepared for this, they fled in terror, leaving vast amounts of food, horses, donkeys, clothing, gold and silver, and other personal wealth behind.

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These lepers were so excited to discover their new found treasure that they carried off what they could, hid it, and came back for more. Soon it occurred to them that they were not doing the right thing. They said, "We have good news, and we shouldn't be keeping it to ourselves." They immediately ran and told the gatekeepers of the city what they had discovered. The gatekeepers quickly passed on the information to the household of their skeptical king who checked out their story and, finding it to be true, told the great news to his people. We are told that the people went out and plundered the Syrian camp, and that day the price of food had dropped to the exact amount which Elisha had predicted.

"I am more firmly convinced than ever that one of the most exciting times we have ever seen in the earth is on the horizon."

Thus, these four lepers delivered the good news that literally brought physical salvation to the whole city of Samaria. I call them "the Four Evangelists of the Old Testament," just as there are four evangelists of the New Testament—Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. Evangelist means "messenger of good news." For me, the number four represents the Good News or the Gospel.

A New Breed of Evangelist

So, who do these lepers represent? This is where I hear God speaking loud and clear. The lepers represent the rejects of this earth. They are the addicts, the prostitutes, the criminals, the abusers and the abused, who like the lepers, have suddenly discovered a source of spiritual food and wealth created by an explosive move of God's Spirit. This powerful move will bring about deliverance from many demonic attachments. The enemy had attached itself to the city of Samaria where people were imprisoned inside the city walls. In the same way, the rejects of this world have been in bondage to the prince of this world. But God is speaking now, saying that He will bring about a dramatic and quick deliverance from demonic bondages.

This will be a huge catalyst in the coming revival. Those finding their personal freedom will be incredibly excited and the Good News (the Gospel) will literally travel with lightning speed. It will travel by phone, text message, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other forms of social media, as well as television and radio. Along with miracles of healing, raising the dead and cleansing lepers, these miracles of deliverance will empower a new breed of evangelist.

These untrained evangelists will know one thing: where they found the food.That's all they need to know. They will go to the gatekeepers—leaders they know in various spheres of society. Their stories, or testimonies will reach the highest levels of society, including government, media and entertainment. These stories will always conclude with an invitation and information about where to find the food that they have found.

Soon kings on every mountain of society will be informed about the move of God. Many of these will be in a position of great personal desperation from their own personal spiritual famine and will embrace this move of God. Some of these will be possessors of great wealth and will be so excited about the power and love of God that they will dedicate their wealth for the sake of the Kingdom. This will be a part of the transfer of wealth. Others will harden their hearts and miss out on what God would like to do for them. These may be replaced on their mountains by those who walk with God.

The Sound of a Thousand Thundering Hooves

My adult ministry began under the mentorship of a wonderful man of God who had a strong ministry of deliverance, healing and prophetic encouragement. His discerning of spirits and gift of knowledge were extremely accurate. From spending eight years with him, I know what these gifts can accomplish with lightning speed, including the salvation of thousands of souls. I am extremely excited to see what God is going to do in our day as He sends the sound of a thousand thundering hooves again into the camp of the enemy, and sets millions of captives free. These freed men and women will then become the flaming evangelists that spread Kingdom revival to the hundreds of millions, or even the billions of starving souls on planet Earth.

We Have a Strategic Role to Play

You and I have a strategic role to play. We must align ourselves with the Word of the Lord through the mouth of His prophets and not doubt like the king's officer, who lost his life in the excitement of the crowd. We must pray and intercede for leaders and politicians who will need their hearts softened when the harvest gets into high gear. We must also pray for those who are today's rejects, that they would be desperate, like the four lepers, to find the spiritual food that their souls crave. Some of these are your friends and relatives who have come into bondage and have lost hope of deliverance. Always pray for the one thousand thundering hoofs to be heard in the land, which will cause our enemy to flee and allow us to repossess what he has stolen from God's people. Amen.

Ben R. Peters Contact ohmint@gmail.com www.kingdomsendingcenter.org


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