• Dr Renny Mclean

'The RESET Button Must Be Set' Dr Renny Mclean

Mindsets have begun to shift and there is a refining of the imagination because of the sensitivity to the season. God is visiting his people and causing a discerning of times and seasons.

I hope that you are sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit and the awakening of your inner man towards the word of God.

The vocabulary that you are searching for is reset!

The full definition of reset means to bring back to zero to set again to level the playing field Then, everyone is on equal footing.

As you look all around you and see the budding of the spring after the cold harsh winter depending on the stratosphere that you dwell in.

There is life springing up and a new season of harvest and life.

The question my friend are you rehearsing the evidence of winter?

Are you content with the same old?

Are you certain I’ll be your future you would rather maintain your present?

Can you take a leap of faith into the unknown?

Therefore there must be a reset for you in the season.

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I declare over you that God has opened ineffectual door that no man can forcibly shut you out of. You are in the place of unwavering faith because of the uncommon favor that God is showing you in the season.

Every obstacle that has withstood you every opposing force that has discouraged you.

I bind it up now in the name of Jesus and render it powerless.

God is your defense God is your preserver God is your rear guard and nothing shall overtake or defeat the harvest and victory that God has reserved for you.

The Reset is your portion and you will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Dr Renny McLean



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