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As we began to cover last week, one of the biggest evil strongholds now growing in the U.S. is causing people to be offended by just about anything. The penalty for causing someone to be offended is getting increasingly severe and has even been proposed to be a criminal offense. This has led to people being increasingly controlled by the fear of offending someone to the point of almost completely shackling free expression. This is a basic assault on one of the two linchpin freedoms that all of our other freedoms stand on—the freedom of speech.

This has led to another growing bondage in our land—the “tyranny of the minority.” This is how a tiny percentage of people can claim to be offended by something and by this take away the rights of everyone else. This is how prayer was taken out of our public schools, which fueled the assault on just about every other religious expression, a very basic violation of the Constitution. Led by the increasingly dominant thought police, lawmakers and judges have sided with this basic and final assault on our freedom. They are now even proposing that almost anything that is contrary to liberal political correctness is “hate speech” deserving of criminal prosecution.

A law was proposed in the European Union recently that would make it a crime to criticize E.U. immigration policy. There have been even more onerous laws proposed in the United Nations that would have been binding on all member nations. It hasn’t happened yet, but that is just one step away from making it a crime to criticize any policy, which is just one step away from the release of a worldwide Gestapo.

We may think that America would never fall that far, but we have tended to only be a few steps behind such trends in Europe. However, the American Republic is not going to fall that far, not because we are so much smarter or stronger, but because of the grace of God. A major pushback is coming against all of the PC madness that has sought to bind and micro-manage people until they are compliant automatons.

In II Corinthians 3:17, we are told that “where the Spirit of The Lord is, there is liberty.” The subjugation of the people is always an attempt to hinder the moving of The Spirit of The Lord, and the spirit behind the PC madness and the subsequent laws is an attempt to inhibit the coming greatest move of God that there has ever been.

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It is now easy to see the factors that are causing the internal social pressures to increase until they explode. A major factor that we need to see and address is how the church is responsible for this. What we release in heaven, or from our high position, gets released on the earth. What we bind in the high position we’ve been called to will get bound on the earth. Is this basic intolerance of freedom of speech or freedom of thought not dominate in most of the church?

The seeds of intolerance now expanding in the world were sown by the Pharisaical spirit in much of the church. Even with the great movements that were born out of a revelation that recovered and restored biblical truth to the church, almost all quickly became intolerant of any who did not agree with them, or presumed to go even further in the pursuit of the truth. That is the spirit that operated in the Pharisees, not Jesus.

This is not to imply that we should let anyone teach anything in the church. We must have a devotion to adhering to sound biblical teaching, but we must do this because we love the truth, not because we are threatened by those who see some things differently. The spirit of intolerance is evil regardless of where it is found. The counter to this spirit is not tolerance of anything, but rather a love for the truth that defends and protects the truth in the Spirit of Christ.

The church is responsible for allowing many evils to be released into these times by what we have tolerated, but the church will also be the source of what breaks the power of this evil. A new revolution is coming to the church, and then through it. The result of this will be the release of great champions of the truth that will be some of the most powerful messengers to walk the earth.

As we see in Revelation 12, when Satan is cast out of heaven, or the high positions he controls, he will come to the earth with great wrath. Because Satan dwells in darkness, just his exposure by the light begins to break his power, and he will react to the coming light with all of the violence he can muster. There are now many conditioned reactionaries who will come in great violence who must not be confused with the righteous revolutionaries.

Presently, most of our divisions have been cast in political terms, either liberal or conservative. There are other alternatives to these two. There is a transcendent truth, a transcendent cause that is beyond politics, and it will ultimately prevail. Just as a basic military strategy is to take the high ground and fight from it, we must do the same. We must not get pulled down into the low ground of smaller issues.

Rick Joyner

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