'A Time to Advance' Paulette Reed

The Lords says:

I am calling you out, I am calling you forward. My end-time army will arise and shine.

Yes, I see evil; I am not blind. And, I am asking you to open your eyes. Do not turn your head and say you cannot bear it, for the battle belongs to me. Do not back down from evil but overcome it with good.

Light will overcome darkness, and My glory will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. My glory is all that I am and all that I have. I gave it to my Son; He gave it to you.

Each place that you set your foot is yours, as you cover the earth. Occupy until I return.

For I am about to show Myself mighty as I prepare you for a Great Harvest. Be ready. Stay ready. For my people, the people who know their God, will be strong and do great exploits.

I am calling you out, I am calling you to the frontlines. March forward on a victorious battleground. Glory does not go backward.

I am raising up generals in the North, South, East, and West. They will receive my plans and disperse the troops. Train, Equip and Send.

Do not say who is the greatest in the Kingdom. For I Am, the Am. My army is young and old and in between.

For I will not be mocked, says the Lord. My glory carries with it the fear of the Lord and victory will not be by power, nor by might but by My Spirit. Look at the facts, and I will reveal Truth. Do not turn your head.

Fear will not enter My people, as My Love has cast it out. If you are walking with Me, I am moving forward.

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Advance. Move when the cloud moves. Stop when the cloud stops. I am the beginning, and I am the END.

Signs, wonders, and miracles will soon fill the earth, and every knee will bow.

Paulette Reed

Contact; info@paulettereed.com


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