'You Are The Head Not The Tail' Dr Sharon Billins

I hear the Lord say THIS YEAR He is making you the Head and not the tail. Many of you have been fighting a never ending fight concerning your finances, your health, your children, your job situations, your marriage relationship, and many other things. But God has heard your innermost cry and is reaching out His right hand to pull you from behind in the race and place you at the finish line. This has been a long time in the making. You have prayed, fasted, given all you know how.

And NOW God is answering. You will see His mighty power on display in your life. Things are going to work out in your favor. There are people that God has commanded to help you. Resources of all kinds are on their way to you. It won't be as hard as it has been. Weeping endures only for a night, but JOY comes in the morning. Whatever God has promised you and your loved ones, IT WILL COME TO PASS!

Being the tail means:in the very back, at the end, at the lowest point, last The Head: The head is the topmost part of the body, where symbols of power, authority, and honor were displayed. Kings and priests were anointed on their heads, and this is where their crowns were placed ( 1 Sam 10:1 ; 2 Sam 1:10 ; 2 Kings 9:3 ; Psalm 21:3 ).

Adam was crowned with glory and honor ( Psalm 8:5 ). Prudent men wear knowledge there ( Prov 14:18 ). Gray hair is a symbol of glory ( Prov 16:31 ) that younger people must respect ( Lev 19:32 ). Lifting up of the head was symbolic of promotion ( Gen 40:13 ; Psalm 3:3 ). Saul was head and shoulders above everyone else ( 1 Sam 9:2 ).

The head is a site where beauty is displayed ( Sol 5:11 ; 7:5 ). It is a place where much time and effort is spent on techniques of beautification ( 2 Kings 9:30 ; Isa 3:24 ; Jer 4:30 ; Ezek 23:40 ). It is where the power of one's personality shines forth.

It is a center of communication. Blushing, tears, paleness, and flushing may show fear, anger, or mourning. Tossing, shaking, or wagging of the head may convey wonder, mockery, or rejection ( Isa 37:22 ). The eyes, mouth, and facial features may show favor, boldness, sadness, impudence, or scorn ( Gen 4:6 ; Neh 2:2 ; Prov 7:13 ; Isa 3:16 ).

From the king's head comes his words, which may have power of life or death ( Eccl 8:4 ).

Being the head means: chief, principal, leading, main, first, front, prime, premier, foremost, top, topmost, highest, supreme, preeminent, high-ranking, top-ranking, most important.

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After God finishes making YOU the head, many will look upon you in an amazing way. They will realize that God is indeed on your side. They will want to join your winning team. Enough is enough! God says you've been on the "tail" mountain long enough. It's time to GO UP, BE UP and STAY UP!!... God created you to walk as the head and not the tail. This is why you have been wrestling in your present situation, because YOUR spirit knows what God spoke into YOU at the time of your creation. YOU ARE THE HEAD and NOT THE TAIL!... Walk into YOUR HEADSHIP in 2019!

"When all this comes true--and it surely will--then you will know that a prophet has been among you." Ezekiel 33:33

And the LORD will make you the head and not the tail, and you shall only go up and not down, if you obey the commandments of the LORD your God, which I command you today, being careful to do them, Deuteronomy 28:13( ESV)

Dr Sharon Billins

Contact: shbillins@yahoo.com



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