'Sowing And Reaping' Nancy Slocum

"This is what I've longed for all along – deeper intimacy with you as I do with all of my children. I will speak to you, lead, guide, and inspire you to fully be who you really are and who I uniquely designed and wired you to be for My glory.

"This is an eternal partnership and co–creatorship as you walk intimately with Me. It will bless and glorify Me so that all men will be drawn unto Me by My Holy Spirit operating through you. In addition it will bless and fulfill you as you bless others.

"This has been my idea and plan throughout the earth before the foundation and from Genesis to Revelation. I created you for a love relationship - first with Me, then yourself, and then with others – your local and global neighbors.

"For this I created you! YOU ARE BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING!

"It is lived out through the principle of sowing and reaping. First, I loved you. Then you loved Me back. I revealed to you your true identity - who I say you are and Me, and what you have in Me – eternal life!

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"Knowing who you are and what you have in Me empowers and equips you to truly and fully love yourself. Then you are well able to love others as yourself, because I Am is at the center of it all! I am continually blessing you as you continually perpetuate the cyclical principle of sowing and reaping.


"Do all three with everything that is in you. I love you with an everlasting love. Selah and Shalom."

In the Father’s heart,

Nancy Slocum

Contact: joywriter777@gmail.com


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