" I Have A Higher Plan' Taffie Beisecker

Father God is a good father. In fact, He's the best! Like a good Father, Who always has our best interest in mind, He never does anything or allows anything to take place without preparing His children beforehand, by first, giving those with an ear to hear - a head's up.

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Why does He do this? The answer doesn't come down to only one reason. There are many answers, depending on the individual circumstance and timing. At times, He may give an advanced glimpse because He wants to give us peace of mind that He's already got everything covered. Or, He may tell us about an event ahead of time so that we may be well prepared beforehand. He may disclose a promise before it's time so that we can come into agreement with His word and partner with Him to bring it into manifestation. There are also times, when He might reveal a consequence to us ahead of time in order that we might pray, repent and be diligent to change the course of whatever it might have been. In any case, He never tells of something to come, for the purpose of igniting a mindset of fear or dread. No matter the situation, if we keep our eyes fixed upon Him and His Word, we can always dwell in peace, even if it is peace that surpasses all other understanding.

The Lord spoke to me on the morning of February 4, 2019 and told me of some future events. I believe He spoke about this to me for the purpose of disclosing these as a sign from Him as a time to rejoice (in what lies ahead for us) within what some might view as a turbulent happening. (I"m not saying to rejoice "about" anything that may be tragic or sorrowful for another human being, but we can still simply rejoice "in Him" during those time for He is good at ALL times.) I believe His heart is for us to know He IS seated on the throne and no amount of shaking can dislodge that TRUTH. I also believe He is sending His message to us saying to us, 'beyond what may take place within the natural earth, I have a much higher plan manifesting within the Spirit & unseen realm of your earthen vessels'.

I'm releasing this word to you as I received it. There are portions of it He has not given me understanding on as of yet, but I'm releasing it "as is" anyway. I firmly believe that as all of us are the Body of Christ bringing together our individual pieces of what He gives to each one of us, we form the greater picture as we each bring the whole portion together. His plan for my understanding of some of the inconclusive portions may very well come through what you have been given. Therefore, I give to you my portion and look forward to you adding your portions to complete a greater and better understanding of this small piece of the picture.


I heard the Holy Spirit say to me; "The earthquakes are coming. Some will be in peculiar places where it is not known for earthquakes to occur. By this sign, you will know it is the beginning of the glory of God being poured out upon the earth in the most amazing magnitude the world from all of history to present day has ever witnessed. From one end of the earth to the other it will be. For three years this will be ever increasing.

Do not fear the quakes. The earth is shaking with anticipated excitement of what is about to come upon it."

I then heard the number "seven" being spoken to me of which, I do not know the meaning of why or what it might represent within this disclosure of events.

As hearers of this word, I believe it is our responsibility to pray for the safety of all people who may be near the locations of these quakes and to believe that they will be a sign with no consequence of destruction to people or homes.


Taffie Beisecker




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