'A Quest For Significance' Francis Frangipane

The Death of a Dream It's amazing how many twists and turns we travel in life searching for personal significance. We can accept occasional anonymity when giving to charity or in playing a behind-the-scenes role, but we do not want our entire lives to be anonymous. The idea that life, or precisely my life, never achieved anything of significance - that one's dreams, it turns out, were mostly unattainable illusions - is the closest thing to death we can experience while still appearing alive.

In counseling middle-aged and older people who were struggling with depression, I found their emotional heaviness often came from the realization that their life dreams (such as ministry or revival or being involved in something significant) were not going to be fulfilled. Even though they were Christians, where once faith and vision led them, now there was a void inside.

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Yet, is the search for significance over because we have grown older? No, it doesn't have to be. Of course, when I speak of becoming significant or fulfilling one's dream, I am not speaking from a human perspective nor in reference to earthly significance. For the only true and enduring significance is that which God ascribes to us, not man. Thus, our lives can take on eternal significance if we pursue the fullness of Christ.

Some day we each will appear before the throne of God. He will look at our character - what we made of ourselves, what we overcame and, more importantly, how much like Christ we had become. At that point, our significance will be established by the only view that matters: God's.

But to be awarded the praise of God, we must make bold and courageous decisions now. Regardless of our age or the season of our lives, let us renew our passion to truly follow Christ. Here, in pursuit of conformity to Christ in all things, is the path to true significance. This is the dream we can still fulfill.

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It's not too late to obtain true, eternal significance.

Francis Frangipane

Contact : eword@frangipane.org



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