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'Does God Do Everything?' Jeremy Lopez

"Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets."(Amos 3:7 KJV)

Does GOD do everything for us? What role, exactly, do we have to play within the process of ushering in the miraculous? Throughout the entirety of the scriptures, not once do we find an account in which the miraculous manifested without first requiring a step of faith in some way. From the account of the healing of the blind man to the raising of the daughter of Jairus and even to the command to roll away the stone before Lazarus was resurrected, we see, time and time again, that the realm of the Kingdom of Heaven exists as a realm which is activated through partnership and willing, conscientious partnership. Heaven has always demanded our active participation in all matters.

Theologically, from the context of Spirit Christology, yes, we do know that it is within Him that we live and breathe and move and have our very being, according to Acts 17:28. We know, too, that He is the head of all things, according to Colossians 1:18. However, from the practical perspective of application in daily life, what role, exactly, are we to play within the creation process within our own lives, here in the physical world? Is it enough to simply believe? Knowing that faith without works is dead, according to the Book of James, which also declares to us that "double-minded" people should never even expect to receive anything from the LORD, what is the true responsibility of the believer? Far too often, "dependence upon the Spirit" is mistaken for "no need to take personal responsibility." Especially in an age where religious legalism and the doctrines of men abound, masquerading as "truth."

The Call to Create Life

I would respectfully offer that the call of the Kingdom has always been the call to create life and to become "productive" and "reproductive" within the earth realm. In order to do this, though, requires thought, an inner vision, and, above all, action. When the Holy Ghost first began to awaken me to the truth of the creative, attractive power we truly possess as believers, the results were astonishing. I realized, all those years ago, that we, as powerful speaking and thinking spirits possess the same ability to create at will just as the Godhead first created in the very beginning. My brother or sister you have been infused with the literal power of creation! There isn't a prayer that can be prayed, a deliverance or healing service that can be attended, or a sermon that can be listened to that will alleviate you from taking responsibility for your own life, your own thoughts, and your own actions. The same Jesus who paid it all also demanded that you pick up a cross of your own. That cross, my dear friend, is the cross of personal responsibility.

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Within your sphere of influence – your "metron" – you are continuously creating something. Being crafted in the image of GOD, being a joint-heir and a co-creator with GOD, the power of creation is in your DNA and you have no choice but to create. What happens, all too often, though, is that we become mindless and careless creators who create haphazardly and often give very little thought or focus to the power we emanate. In order for the church to truly begin to act as the church, we must begin to become more mindful of the creative role we have within the earth realm. We do this by taking responsibility in our families, within our marriages, within business, in all of our relationships, and, yes, even in public ministry. Above all, though, we do this by learning to see our own thoughts and become more aware of what we're thinking. Everything must begin to flow from the powerful, heavenly perspective of a mind that has been awakened to its true, creative potential. The LORD does nothing without first revealing it to us.

What does this truly mean, though? In order to better and more fully understand this Kingdom principle, we must, first, begin to recognize the power of our very own thoughts. My friend, the Word of the Lord for you today is to stop viewing your life as separate or as disconnected and as far-off from GOD. The prophetic truth is that you could not be more in sync with the Creator even if you wanted! Within the realm of the inner Kingdom which Jesus spoke of there is eternal Oneness and no distance – no "shadow" of turning. 1 John 4:17 reminds us that as He is so are we in this present world and Proverbs 23:7 declares that what we think, we are.

The Word of the LORD in this hour is a call to personal responsibility in all matters of daily life. This doesn't mean simply to think on "Godly" thoughts or even to think the "GOD" kind of thoughts. It goes far beyond that! If you truly want to manifest the miraculous and usher into your life the reality of the Kingdom then you must see, once and for all, that every thought is infused with GOD and therefore has no choice but to manifest! I urge you to begin to become more aware of your thought life because thought forms manifest in this three-dimensional world. Stop battling demons, a "devil" and everyone else and begin to see that the prayer Jesus prayed has already been answered! The Kingdom has come and His will is being done through you! If you truly want to see the will of GOD, simply look in the mirror and ask yourself, "What do I want today?" That is what dominion looks like.

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