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"Prophecy For Southern California' Cheryl Ann Needham

Blueprint for a New Wineskin


Past moves of God have traditionally been linked to a specific location. People from all over come to that place for greater levels of consecration and a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit. Then, the people move out from that place carrying revival with them.

God is again stirring the pots for revival in Southern California. However, unlike past moves, He is doing it with a whole new wine skin. No longer can a move be attributed to a person or ministry or location. Rather, God will get all the glory.

For the past months, the Lord has been speaking to me about a revival in Southern California. The wine skin for this revival is so unique that it will require participation from eight different locations, four different streams in the Body of Christ, two different legs of the Body of Christ, mothers and fathers, and a unique development track that expands well beyond traditional ministry models.

In addition, in this revival God is tearing down the wall that has divided reaching souls from the systems of economy that fund one’s ministry. God is looking to mine His “gold diggers” – those who go after true riches which are souls and systems of economy to fund their purpose.

In the Spirit, I see an event will be held that will bring together the 8 hot spots (locations). The event will not be under the name of a ministry or person, but under the name of Jesus Christ. Out of this event will emerge action groups which are formed around a common purpose and drawing people from the four streams.

Mothers and fathers are being placed to surround the hot spots so that the younger generation is properly cared for. Past breaches of honor will be healed as young adults honor and respect those who mother and father them in the Lord and as the mothers and fathers provide wisdom, counsel, comfort, encouragement, and course-correction into their lives.

As both generations honor one another, walls of divide will come down and each person will secure their future by sowing honor today.

This move will not be marked by names of individuals or ministries whose aim is to be on top. Rather, this move will be marked by those who continually submit to Abba Father’s question of them, “To what degree will you be poured out as an offering on behalf of others?” In other words, “How low can you go?”

Here is the detail of this prophecy.


In the Spirit, I saw a huge kettle pot of soup that was over an open fire. The kettle pot was filled with different types of meat and vegetables – each type of food representing a different “hot spot” or area in Southern California that Holy Spirit was activating. There was a hot spot in each of eight different cities, each hot spot representing a slightly different stream in the Body of Christ.

Eight also represents new beginnings. God is doing something so new that it will require an entirely new wine skin to contain all this move of God entails.

The Holy Spirit was stirring the pot of vegetables. This stirring represented a sovereign move of God that was igniting and increasing the fire of the ones who were seeking more of Him. Together, the meat and vegetables represented a complete meal being served to the people from the strengths of the different streams. In the kettle, they were one, each serving a different purpose and meeting a different nutritional need.

The Lord is stirring and activating and releasing a hunger and fire for more of Him. People are gathering at these respective hot spots by a leading from Him. Not all know why, they just know they want to be there. Many are being reminded of the One who first touched them and as a result, their passion and love for Him is intensifying.

Out of these places men and women are going back to their respective lives with a new fire and passion and they are infecting others with testimonies of God’s goodness. These hot spots are growing authentically from the testimonies of those participating and tending to the fires.

In His perfect love, God is gathering these 8 different types of meat vegetables or hot spots together to represent one move of God. Each hot spot is unique and has its own essence, yet together they combine to form one complete meal.

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I hear the Lord say, “I am mining My gold diggers, those who go after true riches which are 1. the people and 2. systems of economy.

I asked the Lord how systems of economy can be considered true riches. I heard Him say:

“A system of economy is not money. It is the means to fulfill one’s purpose. For too long, far too many have gone after their purpose without a method of resourcing. You can’t separate one’s purpose from the economic system to fund that purpose. A fulfilled purpose leads to true riches, not half-baked dreams that die due to lack of resourcing. Go after both souls and systems and you will have true riches. I am doing something new in this generation if they only have ears to hear.”

Here’s what Paul says about true riches. They enable us to do good and be generous. “Tell those rich in this world’s wealth to quit being so full of themselves and so obsessed with money, which is here today and gone tomorrow. Tell them to go after God, who piles on all the riches we could ever manage—to do good, to be rich in helping others, to be extravagantly generous. If they do that, they’ll build a treasury that will last, gaining life that is truly life” (1 Tim. 6:17-19, MSG).

EVENT WITH FOUR STREAMS: Worship, Word, Workplace, and Works

I saw these 8 small hot spots coming together to form one large flame at an event. The Lord said, “This event will be under the name of Jesus – it will not be under the name of a man, woman, or ministry.”

The event will include individuals from four different streams in the Body of Christ represented as the “#4 W’s”

1. Worship stream – Includes those who primarily gather under the banner of worship. This stream values the presence of the Lord above all things and believes that true transformation occurs in this place of worship. They carry a core value for the Father’s love and goodness. Individuals from this stream can become frustrated in overly structured environments.

2. Word stream – Includes those who esteem the Word of God as the highest source of instruction and personal transformation. Individuals’ are marked by following Biblical patterns for life, work, and ministry. These individuals can often be frustrated with those whose relationship with Christ is more experiential.

3. Workplace stream – Includes those who understand that their work is worship to the Lord. They hold a high value for being in the world but not of it and providing practical solutions to those around them. They are generally more left-brained, and as a result, can get easily frustrated with more spiritual, intangible experiences.

4. Works stream – Includes those with a specific missional focus such as rescuing women from human trafficking, helping orphans in Haiti, etc. These individuals are marked by the works that justify their faith. They have a profound sense of “do” and feel frustrated when others don’t share similar passions.


Out of this event and the relationships that authentically came together, I saw various “action groups” emerge that united around a common purpose. An action group could be dedicated to a certain geographical area or to a specific type of ministry such as to the school system in an area.

An action group could have members from all four streams, two streams, or three streams. The strength of the action group was due to the diversity of the streams involved. Some action groups were quite small with just a few members while others were much larger.

The Lord explained that because the action groups were from a diversity of streams. He continued,

“This event must gather under the name of Jesus and not a person or a ministry. The people need to be able to remain agile and align around purpose versus structure.”


The Lord then began to speak to me about the importance of having strong stance which can only be accomplished when we each of us have both of our legs firmly on the ground.

In the Spirit He showed me that one of our legs represents the priestly aspects of our lives – ministering to the Lord and to others. The other leg represents the kingly aspects of our lives - having an active system of economy so that we can advance our good works to the territory He has called us to steward.

When we stand with of our both legs on the ground, we are stronger, more resilient and able to withstand much more pressure when we have just one leg on the ground.

Holy Spirit explained that if a person or ministry has only a priestly leg, they will tend to compensate for their lack of strength by turning up the power to their ministry. In other words, they will pursue more signs, wonders, miracles, Bible study, fasting, time in His presence, etc. to compensate for their perceived lack of strength. All of these are good things, but to compensate for a lack of strength from not having a kingly leg by pursuing more Holy Spirit is in error. Just strengthen your kingly leg!

Conversely, if a person or organization has only a kingly leg, over time they will lack intimacy, so they will have a tendency to become either more-worldly or more works-minded. They will be the “doers” without true intimacy with Christ. This too is an error. We need a priestly leg AND a kingly leg for balance and maximum strength.

In summary, this move of God is unique because God is integrating four different streams (Worship, Word, Workplace, and Works) and He is integrating both the kingly and priestly legs.


Around each of the 8 hot spots I saw God bringing about true mothers and fathers to help guide the younger adults involved. The mothers and fathers were available to encourage, comfort, instruct and course correct.

I saw a two-way honor present between the generations. This honoring in the natural will be used of the Lord to repair breaches of trust that occurred in the spirit realm years earlier. God is using these new relationships between the generations to heal walls of divide from past generations!

When the younger generation honors the older generation and the older generation honors the younger generation, two movements begin to occur. First, all those involved begin to secure their future hopes and dreams by honoring the other generation. Second, past breaches of honor begin to be repaired which paves the way for a greater move of His Spirit.


I then saw a handful of equippers fly in at various points to help fan into flame the fire that is burning. However, the move that God is doing must always remain under His banner alone. The equippers’ role is to be the feet washers, taking a servant role with the leaders of these 8 hot spots and four streams. To clarify, the equippers are not the leaders of this move of God, Jesus Christ is the leader! The equippers are the servants working with the local leaders.

THE GREATER HONOR Although the equippers will come in at various points, God told me something unique. The greater honor will go to the mothers and fathers who have genuine relationships with these younger adults than will go to the travelling ministers.


Holy Spirit then revealed that in order to fully develop the people participating in this move of God, four different development tracks must be offered over time. Now what you are about to read is not the traditional way the Church tends to view moves of God, but remember, He is doing something new here so that the people can meet the needs of a community and culture. Here are the development tracks Holy Spirit indicated are necessary to cultivate the people.

1. Personal Development – Personal development helps people make consistent steps forward in their life and purpose. This includes removing limiting beliefs, excuses and distractions as well as establishing new mindsets and patterns. Personal development applies Biblical truths in new ways so that individuals can make speedy progress towards their God-sized dreams.

2. Business Development – Business development is training and coaching that brings practical tools and approaches to help individuals create and steward their economic system. This development is not just for those in the workplace streams, but anyone seeking an economic system to fund their purpose.

3. Spiritual Development – Spiritual development focuses on identity in Christ, intimacy, and walking in Christ-likeness in both his nature and his power. This is the type of development most moves of God offer.

4. Mission-specific Development – Mission-specific development is targeted training and coaching for those with a specific focus such as: justice issues (i.e. defeating human trafficking), specific ages groups (i.e. tutorial program for at risk children), geographical regions, or any other specialty group (i.e. artists, online re-sellers, etc.).

PAST GREAT MOVES OF GOD – What happened?

I was asking Holy Spirit what happened to this region. Several great moves of God were birthed in Southern California – each one bringing something new to our nation and in some cases the world. Although the fruit was real, the fires had died down significantly.

I wondered what had happened? In the Spirit I saw weeds that had come to entangle and choke out the fruit. The weeds represented three things:

1. The cares of life (lust of the eyes) 2. “Whose” ministry or name was represented and known (pride of life) 3. “Who” can get to the top (pride of life)

I realized that the Apostle John warned about these exact things, “For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life, is not from the Father, but is from the world (1 Jn. 2:16).

When sin enters, revival fires die down, relationships break down, Holy Spirit is quenched, and a trail of hurt and offense follows.

As with other moves of God, what remained after the years was only a mere shadow of what had been birthed.


At this point, the Lord began to contrast this new move of His with the latter moves.

“This move will not be marked by ‘who’ can climb to the top but who will get low and be poured out on behalf of others. This move will be marked by, ‘How low can you go?’"


I then saw an incredible whirlwind encompass all of the eight hot spots, the four streams, the kingly and priestly legs, and the action groups. Over the entire region there was a swirling in the atmosphere.

This whirlwind picked up the fires and the people and whirled them into a gigantic powerful force! God is going to interconnect all these people and groups through the wind of His Spirit.

Together, in UNITY, they will demolish territorial strongholds and stir California again to be a blazing fire for King Jesus! Many will launch out from this place of Holy Spirit fire to light fires of their own around the nation and world.

California, God isn’t finished with you yet!

Dr. Cheryl-Ann Needham is a speaker, prophetic and leadership advisor, and author of Sound Alignment 2.0. She is founder of Be the Remnant, a ministry dedicated to preparing the Bride for the return of Christ. She and her husband, Dr. Robert Needham are founders of Steward NOW, an organization that develops global leaders to execute their Kingdom Mandates. She and her husband,

Dr. Robert A. Needham reside in Alabama.




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