'It's Tine To Resurrect!' Nate Johnston

A week ago I woke up and couldn’t fall back to sleep. I felt deeply troubled and couldn’t understand why. I decided to worship and instantly had a vision where I was taking many boxes of personal belongings and placing them at the feet of the cross. I felt the grief of letting go knowing they were there to die, then no sooner and I heard the Holy Spirit say “Now for the resurrection!” Right now you may see dead dreams, dead promises, stale passion, distance with God, mounting hurts, endless failures, regrets, pain, and disappointment, but God sees your life through the blood of Jesus and the power of the cross. Yes, you may still be surrounded by what looks like death and decay of your dreams, relationships, and even your purpose but God has another plan for everything you have lost, for everything that has been stolen from you. The enemy has been after your heart in the last year trying to clutter you up with hurt, pain, and heavy joy shattering baggage, but now it's time for the resurrection. Did you know that the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the grave LIVES IN YOU! So while you have being going through hell, your Spirit is waiting for you to open the gates so it can do some grave raising. You have that power and authority to SHIFT your life out of the grave! It’s time to take your grave clothes off today and get ready for the greatest turn around you have seen!

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• Let go of what needs be surrendered at the foot of the cross. Often you need to let go before God can resurrect.

• Get those grave clothes off: Shake off the past, let go of past hurts, forgive who you need to forgive.

• Change your confession, start prophesying who God says you are from the word.

• Get the river in you moving, start stirring up your spirit. Speak in tongues, worship, remember what God has done for you in the past.

• SPEAK resurrection life over each problem you see

• Start thanking him that the tide of the battle has turned!

I prophesy wind back in your sails in Jesus name! As you read this I pray you would feel a spark ignite your heart and a breeze begin to blow on the broken places, the hopeless places, and upon forgotten and crushed promises. Resurrection life come right now to take you from the pit of despair to the highest heights. I prophesy that you will wake up one day soon and feel like a new person, light, free, full of hope, and ready to dream with Jesus again. I'll say it one last time, now you need to, "It's time for my resurrection!"

Nate Johnston

Contact: nateandchristy@everydayrevivalists.com


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